Libs and Labor are criminally negligent on climate change

There have been no credible figures on carbon release on the world’s largest paper mill in Tasmania, nor on channel dredging in Port Phillip Bay – given the state of the deteriorating planet this means Labor and the Libs are criminally negligent. No doubt they have an out clause like the Victorian Labour introduced retrospectively to stop Australia’s first group action (over 100 Murray farmers) suing them for damage caused by evaporative basins.

But “criminally negligent” introduces elements that shows Brumby and his mates in the Melbourne Club and the Port of Melbourne Authority, are answerable to Federal and State courts. The risks we are being asked to run for them are horrendous. When the Bay is inundated and the beaches and beachside houses wiped out by storm and tidal surges of stinking and toxic waters, someone has to be accountable, and when people begin dying from exposure to dioxins in the Tamar valley we can do more than just sting supporters like Gullible Garret and Slick Turnbull. We can go to the top and destroy those genuinely responsible. Of course we have to begin naming all of them and storing up evidence.


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