Anti-climate change ravers don’t want to learn how to survive

Many anti-climate change ravers are still stuck with their argument of “we didn’t cause any change so it’s not happening”. The evidence is that it is happening, but there is no need to be upset about who or what caused it (unless you’re of the next generation and turning vengeful), for the tipping point has passed us by while we have been doing nothing, and the real problem now is living with extreme climate conditions.

It’s simple. No government is yet addressing the need to educate us on how to survive in times of social dislocation. How do we put it on them? How do we convince them to investigate the future in a serious way? I guess the first way is to vote them out, and vote in those who have been investigating climate change for several decades. The second way is to beard them where they live and work. Remind them that they should not forget the approaching hell.

Again, I should mention the forthcoming documentary featuring Earl de Blonville. Just keep checking YouTube for a thirty minute documentary (ten minute segments) on how and why he knows more than Al Gore. Al is reluctant to tell us that the tipping point is now in the past, for he feels panic will ensue. I don’t think so. Hundreds of thousands of people wake up every day to life threatening circumstances, surely those who have an education can be relied on to behave as rationally: let’s see how we can survive.


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