Exposing Humour imagined it had scooped the world on criminally negligent governments and corporations

Exposing humour imagined it had scooped the world on climate change being the result of criminal negligence by governments and corporations. I wrote the story two days ago, pointing out several decisions by Australian Federal and State governments being criminally negligent and that they would all answer for them in court. However another blogger delivered such a judgement in January 2006. It was climateark.org/blog. Today the UN has come out calling such decisions criminally irresponsible and stating that governments and corporations will have to pay.

What they didn’t say is that individuals who forced such decisions and agreed with such decisions will also be culpable. That’s a future story.

Please note that the story may be played down by the text media, and their associated stations (pay and free to air), because cutting down trees for newspapers has an extraordinary consequence on the planet’s climate. Murdoch has become a greenie but he hasn’t yet realised the awfulness of the event. Meanwhile a Talbot, Victoria, news blog imagined it had scooped the world when it had only scooped the UN.


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