A different justice for criminals and our cops

It would appear that there is a different justice for criminals and the Victorian police force. Again the police force have been involved in murder (see previous posts) and police association leader, Paul Mullet, seems to have been involved in it as an accessory after the fact, derailing an investigation into the killing of police informant, Shane Chartres Abbot, by protecting a union delegate who provided the address of the above to a hitman.

Police commissioner, Christine Nixon, has really performed superbly in her job, choosing the right people to help her solve the violence criminals were performing on one another. However the faulty line of authority caused by senior police who have come to regard corruption in the police force as the regular way of things, has given a decisive turn to the way police are regarded in the state. Gone is the image of police fostered by benevolent television shows like Blue Heelers, Homicide and the rest of the unreal crap foisted on viewers. Now we have an image of tough, opportunistic money-makers who were after power. As a story editor I was hired by Blue Heelers to take the soap and the unreality out of the series in its early days, but Southern Star, who were producing some extraordinarily good programs and documentaries wanted something to balance their good stuff, and Blue Heelers suffered.

Now we can expect the public to view our police force with as much suspicion as our remaining gangland crims.


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