Strange days for newsprint proprietors – they don’t break news anymore

I scanned a national newspaper yesterday, and a Melbourne paper I found at the coffee shop, and haven’t read a story about the UN declaring that those responsible (governments and corporations) for decisions that release excess carbon emissions , are criminally iresponsible. Yes, the UN declared that day before yesterday and no text media company appears to be carrying the story. Strange days. Is it because they need newsprint to make money? Cutting down trees is one of the decisions that help the planet warm. Do you think newspaper proprietors would agree with that? Personally I read my news on the net but have purchased newspapers to discover why they continue to exist because the news is a day old when you get it. Still they are developing websites to avoid the responsibility of having to cut more trees.

In your morning paper you read the stories you heard on television; that’s been going on for at least a half a century. Newspapers used to pride themselves on breaking news. Not any more, for they didn’t gear up for that old fashioned concept of scooping the opposition. It wasn’t too expensive, they just felt it was easier to follow the news in other media. Perhaps they thought they were papers of record like that phoney New York Times. Still, news websites will allow them to begin scooping each other again, without too many carbon emissions


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