Destroying East Timor under the guise of saving it

Gough Whitlam may not have known about the planned murder of the Balibo five but his lack of protest against the proposed invasion of East Timor was one of the reasons it happened. Also to blame for the invasion were Gerald Ford and Henry Kissinger. These two were in Indonesia talking about the invasion and requested that it wouldn’t happen until they were out of Indonesia airspace.

It was all over oil in the Timor sea. Going the rounds at the time was a letter from the diplomat posted to Indonesia, Richard Woolcott, to Gough Whitlam stating that it would be best to negotiate on oil with Indonesia rather than East Timor. After the 1975 invasion, Jean McLean a former left faction State member of Parliament began posting it regularly in her electorate newsletter. The plan has always been to destroy East Timor under the guise of saving it, as outlined in my faction novel, Cleaning Up, published by Sceptre in 1993. That is still the plan. The ocean of oil under the Timor Sea is becoming more and more valuable.

Mr Downer’s delay in getting troops into East Timor when the UN was kicking the Indonesian military out of East Timor, allowed the military to massacre all those who had worked against them during their occupation. The Indonesian military had killed over 250,000 East Timorese in the invasion and just kept killing.

Now Indonesia is paying groups of East Timorese to commit violence against East Timor. It is also under a guise. It’s coming from the alleged opposition. Australia is benefiting by keeping troops there to keep the demonstrations under control. This gives Australia leverage when it comes to further oil negotiations. It’s all a merry-go-round of machinations but its a matter of following the oil. Australia’s nasty and secretive method of attempting to drain the oil from the Timor Basin from what they said was an off-shore Australian shelf was condemned by the UN and all other nations.


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