Bay dredging liars are not being named by the media

Newspapers are not giving the names of bureaucrats who lie to them about the results of dredging in Port Phillip Bay and the Yarra and Maribyrnong rivers. Spokespeople for departments should be named for its one way to prevent them lying about the murder of the Bay. If they are not named they blithely lay down webs of deceit and cannot be held to account when the Bay becomes toxic and dies. The dredging is going to begin January next year for the State government believes that the toxic plumes will not begin immediately and so the deterioration in beach life in Melbourne will not be noticed for a year.

It’s a great public relations coup for the State government, the Port of Melbourne Authority and those businessmen (Melbourne Club members) who will benefit from the dredging.

As this blog has pointed out previously the good news is that the Bay will be a stinking, toxic sewer, for there is a good chance of an early catastrophic Exxon Valdez scenario. This has been predicted by Captain Frank Hart, former harbour master, in a previous post. His evidence before the inquiries was undermined by accusations as that as he had been retired for twelve months he was now not as knowledgeable as others.


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