Supporters of Mullet the mauled give evidence of endemic police corruptiuon

It’s amazing how easily the police unions members have given themselves away as supporters of corruption. They are supporting the mauled Mullet in preference to an uncorrupted police force who doesn’t want a bar of him. Of course their culture will always having them lean towards the most influential among them. Unfortunately they still think it’s Mullet. If it is, Victorians will be the loser. Perhaps we should give them time to think about it. They should be allowed to look at the evidence and the fact that Mullet derailed a murder investigation to save a colleague committing a lesser offence.

Who has opposed corruption every step of the way in pursuing the drug barons, the corrupt police, and those who are simply unaware of how life should be played away from schoolyard bullying? The Commissioner, and she even had a few betray her and the standards of a good police force.


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