Let’s turn the city lights off before we leave the planet – or are women too impressed with where we work?

Cities shine at night because corporations like people to see the buildings lit up at night. This must be a CEO ego thing for no one else gives a flying stuff. There are executives who at night drive young women by the buildings they work in in an attempt to impress them with their daytime job. It’s pretty much a failure. Imagine placing a construction before yourself in an attempt to seduce. Maybe it works for those in the heavier suburbs where girls are taught from an early age that an appropriate marriage must include real estate. But then that’s an education thing. From my observations the women who step out in favour of other criteria are far happier about that time than the later time when those who work in large constructions begin to drive younger women by the places they work.

A good example of this is when a former opposition leader chased an attractive woman from one bar to the next in his government vehicle (with driver) and finally offered her an electorate going begging if she would accompany him while she told him about the disastorous effects of bay dredging. You’ve got it, his driver not only drove by his electoral office, but also his apartment building. You get the the modus operandi? It didn’t work, and although the woman was offered tens of thousands for the story, by John Sorrel at the Nine network, she felt so sorry for the opposition leader she didn’t take the money.

Not to be diverted though, the reason I was once given for why the lights remained on in cities at night was because the cleaners go in at night. Apparently they can’t turn the lights on and off without wasting cleaning time. Later I was told that fluorescent lights cost more to turn on again than remaining on all night. Let’s blast those who can’t offer solutions.


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