Premier Brumby is a GM retard

Farmers are being hoodwinked by GM crop promoters. Among these are Premier Brumby and individuals members of the Melbourne Club. They imagine they will benefit from the products of Monsanto/Chemplex (perhaps still Packer’s multinational companies who sell biotech and herbicides and pesticides) not understanding that Monsanto had to pull out of several South American countries last year because the effect of GM crops had indirectly laid barren millions of hectares. It worked like this: farmers could use more herbicides and pesticides because the GM plants were made to withstand such assaults. So the farmers began thinking more is better (it destroyed all the bacteria in the soil) and the result was poverty. Australian farmers have proved with the use of other chemicals, notably 45D (Nufarm) that they often triple the amount of chemical they place on a crop they know can wear the amount.

Again our Governments are totally retarded in their awareness of commercial organic markets, or markets without massive use of chemicals. The food is sold for more overseas as the wealthy in Europe look for produce that has not been radiated or sprayed with dangerous and suspect chemicals.

Now that Australia will be permanently without serious rain there is still a market for that produce that is regarded as pure (can we say boutique produce) that has been grown without impurities or contaminants.


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