Whale murdering Japanese are slow

The whale murdering Japanese are a little slow. They no longer eat whale meat but still kill them – for scientific reasons. Unfortunately they have no serious discoveries from their research in several decades so they look pretty stupid. There is a weird part of the Japanese brain that can’t stand defeat. They failed in their wars with China and in their war with America and Australia so they’ve picked on an intelligent, singing mammal who has no weaponry. Give them a few years and they should surely anihilate them from the surface of the earth.

Of course they convinced themselves they could take over the planet with their hand to hand combat. Well, at least their commercialisation of hand to hand combat. You know, Karate and its seven (?) black belt dans. Of course Elvis Presley was a black belt expert but he died because he was so constipated his heart stopped. Not a good ad for the Japanese martial arts industry. Didn’t they have a punch for it, you know, a punch in the gut and his heart could pump blood again.

I went to have a martial arts lesson once from Little Apollo. At his place in the city I was walking up the stairs and he was walking down. I put my hand out to greet him and he fell down the stairs. I had used Australian outpresencing to defeat a psuedo Asian martial arts expert. I walked downstairs happy that my prowess meant I didn’t have to undergo years of stunting, physical prancing to have such success. Not sure that whales could do the same thing these days. A white whale did it for Herman Melville’s benefit once but nowadays they have exploding harpoons that can kill a whale in at least 30 minutes. Not sure the whales don’t need some help.


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