Australians are bloody slow on climate change

Amazing how slow Australians are (well, so is everyone of us on the planet for that matter) when it comes to understanding what has to be done for climate change. Now that we have a new government climate change has slipped as a priority. It gets mentioned last whenever there is a chance to recite lists of policies, by either Labor or the LIbs. That places climate change around fifth as far as priorities go. Come on, don’t we yet realise we have about two years to prepare for inevitable climate change and that we can’t any longer postpone it.

Why didn’t we give the Greens more control of how our education on climate change will pan out? They have afterall have the most perceptive individual in Parliament, Bob Brown, and he and his crew have been aware of approaching climate change for several decades. They understand what must be done. The rest of the Parliamentary slow brigade only became aware it was a serious issue this year. Remember how the voters took the issue to them, not the other way around?


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