Sir Gus Nossal joins the Brumby retard on GM

Highly respected scientist (and rightly so) Sir Gustav Nossal has made a mistake on GM canola. He rather poignantly states that one of the aspects of his being in favour of GM was that the industry (and farmers) wanted it. Like most other people he has forgotten that farmers and their industries have never been right about anything. Whether it’s water, irrigation concepts, cutting trees to run more stock, burning stubble to prepare a paddock for seeding, exporting live stock, using chemicals reccommended by the Department of Agriculture, laying waste large tracts of land to salinity, voting for the National party who voted for free trade and allowed in all types of cheap produce et al. The list goes on and on. Sure they’re battlers and strong willed but it’s partly their fault Australia can no longer be regarded as an agricultural country. And now GM, which scientists (apart from Gus) are still out on how dangerous it is. GM crops can’t be digested by humans or animals so easily because of elements that the bacteria in our gut cannot breakdown (then there’s the marketing element I’ve previously posted under, Brumby is a GM retard).

One should look at Hal Hewitt’s battle against the conspiracy between two Federal departmemts to bankrupt him over his exporting organic grapes, and gaining top prices in Europe. The department of Ag wanted Australia to have the biggest grapes in markets in London and Europe and advised their dumb farmers to hormone them. They did and the grapes were big, tasteless and fell off the stem if you shook them. After Hal was bankrupted an ombudsman decided two departments had conspired against him. He informed the Federal government he was about to sue their arses. To stop him they paid him $8 million in 2005 and now he and his brother have started the Global Green Plan on the proceeds.


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