Nuclear waste is to be looked after by Nuclear Ferguson

Nuclear Ferguson has been given power. This is the incompetent that backed Bob Hawke’s call for Australia to become the nuclear waste dump for the planet. Under Rudd’s government he has received the power ministry. Now, Howard has enmeshed us in a nuclear agreement with the US which involves us taking nuclear waste from the US. The US can’t look after their waste in Washington State, no matter what techniques they apply. They began with single skin mild steel (it leaked) and then double skin mild steel (and it leaked). Since then they have tried many form of containment, including ceramics and taking the radiation out of the leaking water, but it all was for nothing, as the Columbia River and surrounds became more and more contaminated (check the Washington State website).

Now, as Australia is in danger of losing agriculture the idea is that we take the nuclear waste industry, you know, and bury it in the desert. There is one huge problem. The oldest structures on the planet are the pyramids and people forgot what they were used for for around ten thousand years. British archaelogists discovered their use about two hundred years ago, or less. Now what will happen to the waste that’s to be buried in the desert for 500,000 years? You know what, I bet the race that inhabits the earth in the future will dig around, imagining they are uncovering some pharaoh’s ancient treasures.In the meantime countryies whose waste we’re taking may have ceased to exist and so will lag behind in the nuclear waste maintenance payments, and we’ll be up for it. Of course Nuclear Ferguson probably believes we’ll still be around for the next 500,000 years because it’s unnecessary to combat climate change. You don’t think the Labor Party believe in climate change do you? It’s now fifth on their priority list and they only awarded it to a woman because the Party doesn’t really think women are any more than sops to the electorate.


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