Could Gullible Garret be a Whistleblower on us being the planet’s nuclear waste dump?

Australia is on the cusp of taking the planet’s nuclear waste. Those of us who think that’s a bad thing, because no one has yet created a safe way of containing it, have only one hope. Gullible Garret. His environment portfolio has been stripped of Climate Change and Water, and because he was an anti-nuclear campaigner with a respectable record, he’s missed out on any nuclear decisions as well, for that nuclear waste promoter, M. Ferguson, has that portfolio, although it is camouflaged as Power.

Perhaps Gullible’s portfolio is a sinecure. Perhaps he’s been punished for suggesting the ALP would change things around when they made it to power. I hope he’s feeling chastened, offended and frustrated because that way he may do something about changing Labor’s tack on these things, by telling us – the voters – about the nuclear waste deals, about how they’re not going to do anything about Climate Change, and how they’re on the wrong track on Water. He could be a great Whistleblower for the planet.

Has he got the fortitude? It would take plenty, and we know that the others are strict Party people, who have got where they are by not opening their mouths inappropriately, and are generally gutless outside their field of personal endeavour. Where are those who are going to tell us how it is? They were never around in the political field.

Why have I chosen Gullible as a potential Whistleblower on nuclear waste? Because he knows the nuclear industry backwards and could do the research and spot the trends the instant they begin to emerge. He could ask to see the defence agreement Howard signed with Bush because Frightened Kevin is not going to show it to us, or tell us about it (don’t forget it was Kevin who was too frightened to raise Global Warming with Bush because Bush said he didn’t want to talk about it? What bloody babies we have leading us.) Our nuclear future is referred to in that document. Remember we have only been told that Howard negotiated the defence document, we haven’t been told what’s in it. Just a slip from Howard alerted us to the fact that nuclear waste provisions are annotated to the document.


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