True measure of the Rudd government is what they do with the public servant succubus

An indication of the genuiness of the new Rudd government will be measureable with the number of department heads they sack. Many of these individuals have served the Liberal government shockingly. They sucked hole and tied their souls to the whims of an opportunistic Howard government. Of course they can play each side of the political spectrum with consummate skill for they have been trained in obsequious ways to satisfy their political masters, instead of being true public servants and dispassionately giving advice on hard earned evidence. They weren’t the ones to warn us of climate change and global warming, although they had the growing data bank of evidence at their finger tips.

During the reign of the public servant succubus (a lascivious spirit who has sexual intercourse with mortals by night) Australia became known for prostrating itself before America, lying about a proposed war, lying about refugees, ignoring climate change, never questioning America’s rendering of those they thought may have evidence because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time, introducing legislation that takes away all our rights (legal rights that is). The only freedom we have left is that of thought. We can think what we like but we can only speak out in secret. If people are detained for questioning the media is not allowed to report the fact unless there is a leak from government circles. A leak indicates that the government feels the releasing of information will benefit them. Unfortunately that was not so with the Haneef affair, for fair-minded Australians actually rose on their hind legs and spoke out at the idiocy of such an event. Hey, we’ve still got a chance if we speak out against the subjectivity of the public service heads who, it appears, unlike America, we can’t vote out with our politicians.

As a press secretary I heard a public service head cry out – in 1972 – that the new government would bankrupt the country. He said no one could work with such ignoramuses, although he toed the sucking line right up until he was sacked.


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