We signed Kyoto after we executed the planet

Signing Kyoto now is like a governor signing a pardon after the prisoner has been executed. It’s too late to save the planet as we know it. According to a study commissioned by the Friends of the Earth and conducted by the Carbon Equity Project, the rise in temperature (consequently more carbon release) is sufficient to destroy most of the world’s coral reefs, including the Great Barrier Reef, and the destruction of the Arctic floating ice is considered inevitable, with dramatic consequences for the stability of the Greenland ice sheet, which is likely to begin irreversible melting at a 2C of warming.We have enough carbon dioxide and other gases in the atmosphere already to produce such a rise.

Arctic explorer and resarcher, Earl de Blonville ( see YouTube interview in which he says 2020, but yesterday said 2013 on more recent figure), says the latest figures mean that the ice sheet will have melted by 2013, and that means a sea rise of 7 metres.

For the figures go to the Friends of the Earth’s recent release on climate change, called Avoiding Catastrophe.


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  1. If the earth continues on it’s 3 degree journey around the sun on it’s axis…things i’ll be back to normal within a 150 years or so…

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