AFL rules players now trained to kill

Australian football has hit the bottom. Now they train to kill to play a ball game. Is this the height of fuckwittery? Anyone who has undertaken such training knows the awfullness of how to kill people. How does the AFL allow such delinquency? Surely the aggression does not need to be focused to maim and kill. Let them play a ball game in ignorance of how easy it is to dispose of an opposing player.

The Kangaroos are now training – obviously they need some training before they go to the Gold Coast but that would have to be in the safe sex category – in a News South Wales training camp, learning to handle bayonets, rifles and unarmed combat techniques. In future these ignorant sportsman will not be able to claim they injured their opponents accidentally for they have been trained to stop them forever.

One speculation is that they have been paid by the army who need recruitment promotion.


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