Sack department heads who advise no carbon capping and deporting of refugees

Now we know why department heads who served the previous government should be sacked (as previously posted). The Rudd Government is deporting 16 asylum seekers from Indonesia. Why? Because we still have that hopeless department of immigration advising the new government. On the advice of such Ruddock acolytes the new minister for immigration, Senator Chris Evans, has denied the Indonesians access to legal protection and advice while they prepare to fight to stay here.

So much for Rudd’s seamless takeover. You may recall he said he’d keep the Howard bureaucrats so changes would be smooth. It looks like it’s going to be alright. Apart from this gross insensitivity to a democratic legal process, there’s the fact he’s not going to cap carbon emissions. Not to do that means there’s nothing in place to make carbon trading at all valuable. The big problem for carbon trading is that the cost will be handed on to the consumer. Bureaucrats and politicians who know nothing about marketing (or business in any sense) don’t know what they do. At least Howard knew he was shafting the consumer and refugees.


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