Australian politicians are frightened and fragile imitations of American aggressives

Remember how we hated Ruddock for his inhumanity and sly dealing in persecuting individuals like David Hicks. New attorney-general, Robert McClelland is stuck with those who advised Ruddock and he’s now supporting control orders on Hicks when he leaves prison. The senior bureaucrats should have been sacked the moment the ALP came to power for the bureaucrats have been writing advice for the Liberal government for so long that they are mentally trapped in that genre of advice. You could be rendered helpless after writing for several months in that “radical” way, so with 12 years, forget it.

David Hicks has served his time for  only being guilty of pleading guilty to a charge of providing material assistance to al-Qaeda and training with al-Qaeda (an American trained force) to avoid continued incarceration in Guantanamo Bay (he did five years without charge). What bastards we have in our major departments, and they’re too emotionally remote to even begin understanding how we would be after five years of torture and CIA encouraged rape, knowing we’re only guilty of heading off on an adventure. We’re no longer Australians but frightened and fragile imitations of American aggressives.


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