Climate Change’s Penny Wong is just an ALP apparatchic or yes woman

Minister for Climate Change, Penny Wong, is just a yes woman afterall. Her press conference, reported in The Age, portrayed her as a stereotypical Asian woman, who was so cool she didn’t sweat under intense questioning. She believes the lie that the government has to wait on the Garnaut report (halfway through next year) before they cap emissions? I don’t think so. In fact she doesn’t even think it’s a lie. She thinks spin is real, just like the media these days.

The real story is that the Labour government has no idea on climate change. They think it’s just one of those issues that if they play a straight bat often enough they’ll finally win through. Win through to what? A destructed country without water next year in some Australian cities (Al Gore’s Nobel acceptance speech). Australia just voted in another Liberal government. Well, we were warned.


2 Responses

  1. If there is no global tax or forced mandate on capped emissions, when do we die?

  2. No one has a mathematical model on that.

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