WordPress censored my CIA post or was it the CIA?

WordPress censored my post, CIA torturers get sexual thrills. It was run under Cruelty  and Unconscious satire tags but censored from nineteen other tags, including Australia, Courts, Environment, History, Humour, Journalism, Justice, Murder, News, Politics, Swimming, terrorism, Torture, War, Water, media and fashion (as in fashion in torture). Such censorship, for it happened in 15 seconds or less, means that the CIA have infiltrated WordPress. Sure I accused them of receiving sexual pleasure from torture and supplied circumstantial evidence but the poignant point is they are geared to censorship the internet almost instantly. Or was it WordPress? The story referred to the recent CIA destruction of tapes. I think that what happens to this post will supply more evidence in the matter.


2 Responses

  1. Neither. It’s on the tag page. I see it fine.

    Please remember that the tag page isn’t live, they’re cached, and it may take a bit to get things to show up.

  2. They do believe in censorship though.

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