Dont bother returning from Bali prime minister

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and his associates Penny Wong and Peter Garret needn’t bother coming home from Bali if they don’t make a deal with significant percentages on the emissions issue.  That’s why they went, and climate change was why they were elected in the first place.

Apart from all the weather horrors that are occurring round the world at the moment I witnessed one of those storms that we have been warned to expect in the future. They are totally localised and devastating. One winemaker’s years work was wiped out in half an hour. His property received 73 mm, destroyed his vines with an 25 mm (an inch) of hail and washed away his roads. In his dam he had an iceberg. The hail had melted and then re-frozen. Quite an incongruous sight in summer in drought stricken Australia. Are our leaders quite crackers? Don’t they know we already live in a different world. We do.

The only excuse for not heeding climate change is coming from the diehards who say China is the world’s biggest poluter and they’re not doing anything. It turns out they’re willing to do more than Australia, America, Japan and Canada.


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