Are you to blame for not preventing climate change? It’s time to walk in the dust on the banks of trickling rivers

Now we know who to blame for not attempting to prevent climate change. The leaders of the planet’s most polluting democracies haven’t understood what is happening yet. They are ensconced in cities that will allow them comfort to the very end of water and power, and bureaucrats who only tell them what they wish to know. In Australia’s case they are bureaucrats who have been trained to think as the previous government wished. For the US it was how the dolt from Texas winged his speeches. Siding with us was the whale-killer Japan, and you would have imagined we would have attempted to distance ourselves from the Japanese and their love of eating thinking and singing mammals.

In agricultural Australia our leaders have removed themselves from those who make a living from the climate. It’s time they walked in the dust under dying and stressed trees on the banks of trickling rivers. Emission targets have to be set for anything to be achieved for otherwise companies simply add the costs of levies or fines to the product. Capitalism is the best of all systems for making money and having freedom to make money, but let’s not imagine that we have created benevolent and wealthy individuals who care about humanity. No system ever created them. We have to tell our leaders that the bad times are coming if we ignore radical, lateral thinking on how to prevent social dislocation. They and their families will also find climate change very uncomfortable, even if they have money for air-conditioning, for our climate will not be nice to anyone. Heat and related storms will devastate us unless we act. Let’s turn off the lights in our cities. Could we do that? It’s the easiest thing we can do to lower coal-based emissions, and show everyone that power saving acts can be undertaken.


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