Robert Cornwall the irresponsible head of attorney-general’s dept should be sacked.

Our top legal incompetent should be sacked. Head of the attorney-general’s department, Robert Cornall, has allowed personal angst, after criticism of the way ASIO handled the kidnapping (by them) of Sydney medical student, Izhar ul-Haque, to interfere with the way he runs his gross spying business. He should have been sacked the moment the Labor Party came to power. He is supposed to be protecting our freedoms not trying to restrict them. One of the Westminster traditions (our democracy is supposed to be based on them, along with the Constitution) there should be total separation of government, the courts and the church. That means no influence being brought against the others, for any reason at all. That makes us different from other systems (say those based on Muslim and Communist beliefs). However under the new terrorism laws ASIO thinks it can abduct and interrogate (even get the CIA to render suspects) without responsibility to our democratic process. Well, fuck them. Do we want our system to be unrecognisable if placed up against those run by the ridiculous fundamentalism of some Muslim regimes?


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