Our banks turn into bank robbers

Our banks turned into bank robbers. This is how it happened. They invested in America in sub prime mortgages and lost a heap of money. They then began to react against this horrible situation by panicking and deciding to retrieve it from their customers here. The National Australia Bank had a record profit last year of  18 billion dollars, up ten percent on the previous year. They’re the first to put their interest rates up. I suppose that’s why they made so much money last year, they’re quick on the trigger.

Morally speaking if they’re going to claim money back from mortagees when they make a loss they should give some money back when they make a horrendously good profit.

What would happen if everyone reacted like them when they lost money? Well, they’d be more petulant robbers of banks. The logic would go something like this. Someone took my money so we’re going to take money from you, despite you having nothing to do with the loss.


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