Banal British bureaucrats will set companies “carbon prices” which we will pay – like we pay for the banks’ losses

The future of extreme climate change has been created in the most banal way. The British government have been instructed to factor in a “carbon price” when making policy for all development in energy, transport, housing etc (Guardian Weekly) Bureaucrats and politicians have no practical experience of how business works. If business cops a levy or tax on their raw materials or products they simply add it to the price. There is therefore very little incentive for corporations to act with any real initiative at all.

There is an exception. The nuclear industry. They will simply be merged with all the other figures on all the lists of possibilities, and at some time emerge triumphant because they have no carbon much at all. Gone will be the aspect that condemns the industry (apart from danger of leaks) and that is the waste will have to contained for half a million years, and the Americans (see Washington State website) know that is impossible to do.

The oldest man made structures on the planet are pyramids, so far lasting an estimated 10,000 years, and until British researchers with shovels began excavating and investigating the objects, everyone had forgotten what they were used for. Imagine if the waste is buried, as planned, in Australia’s vast spaces, how long will people remember what lies beneath the steel and concrete doors. Hey, steel is good. It doesn’t really rust through for a hundred years or so, and concrete catches concrete cancer in about the same time. And who pays for the maintenance, for radiation can decimate the planet and its species in even less time than that?

And again who pays? We do. Like the banks pass on their losses to us, so will carbon creating companies. It’s how business is run.


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