The Melbourne Club and their “cargo cult” hopes are pushing for Port Phillip Bay dredging

It’s amazing how our anti terror bureaucrats want to take on the pussies of protest – Blue Wedge, an amalgam of groups who want to save Port Phillip Bay in arenas like courts or political parties, or any other alleged democratic institution .

There is such a thing as real politik and to discover it you must follow the money.

The monied are out to destroy the Bay in favour of a “cargo cult” hope that if we build bigger Bays, manufactured cargo will flow in and out, and the country will be richer. The “cargo cult” cult began with the tribes on the mountain tops in New Guinea building runways on the tops of their mountains in the hope that a plane would see the landing strip and land there and unload copious amounts of goods.

But the real target for our anti-terror squads should be the Melbourne Club who have decreed that Bay dwellers should lose vast amounts on their bayside homes and destroy the heritage of future generations. The Bay will not regenerate. How do I know this? because the CSIRO, who are of that opinion, have been silenced by government and their monied patrons.


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