The CSIRO stumbles with the dredging of Port Phillip Bay – it’s changed its charter

Let’s be quite straight about the CSIRO and the dredging of Port Phillip Bay. The CSIRO were not part of the genuine investigating panels that were first set up by the Brack’s government. They were told by government they were not to be part of the process. Nevertheless several individuals spoke up about the bad effect that dredging would have on the Bay. Those individuals no longer work for the CSIRO.

In the making of the documentary, The Last Good Summer, I was in contact with several members of the CSIRO who were warned not to speak to the media. In fact one found himself on an extended overseas tour.

There was a superficial and unresearched paper that was delivered to the third, bogus investigating panel that was pressured by Brumby to find in favour of dredging. They strangely found that there were no problems associated with the dredging. The previous panels found frightening pollution problems that were smoothed a little with the general conclusions drawn.

Why the difference? Well, the CSIRO became a promoter of products rather than a respected research organisation (see a previous post). Now the CSIRO carries no weight for it works to discover exactly what its funding corporations want found.

We must understand that the deception and political sleight of hand over this elephant in our Bay has been driven by greed and we will lose our Bay for all recreations, including swimming, fishing, boating (the water will stink, as well as spread sickness in all its inhabitants) and living beside.


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