Loving Port Phillip Bay enough to use UN legislation for criminal negligence to the environment if dredging destroys the Bay

I am personally appalled that the dredging creates the slightest risk to Port Phillip Bay’s environment. From the late forties on I was on the sand at the edge of the sea during the summer months. I witnessed with delight the snapper boats hauling in their catch in the early morning. I saw dolphins up close, I was in clinker built rowing boats fishing for flathead and I was in yachts that skimmed the Bay waters. Later I spied on lovers in the sand dunes. My experience of life was moulded by the Bay.

It is a unique Bay and it has unique creatures, including the dolphins who evolved in the Bay. The Port Phillip Bay dolphins don’t occur anywhere else on the planet. And if you imagine that the pod of sixty couldn’t disappear when the toxic water becomes their habitat ask why researchers can no longer find the pod of sixty odd dolphins that once inhabited the Gippsland lakes before blue-green algae.

As the average person (yes, farmers, gardeners and all those who understand our climate is changing) is stricken by the possibility that life on earth is about to turn dangerous, our politicians and bureaucrats, who overule our wishes are oblivious to the amounts of CO2 created by the dredging. It has not even been calculated with due accuracy. It is no longer a metaphor that Brumby fiddles with his own deluded profit oriented mind set while Rome burns, the burning is happening. How can anyone have such a criminally negligent attitude to our Bay? Don’t they realise that they may be sued for criminal negligence under the proposed United Nations draft legislation currently being considered. The legislation provides a framework of laws by which those who have been hurt by those who have thwarted the correct processes for development and created global warming gases, may be gaoled for their trangressions. Brumby certainly can’t claim ignorance of what he is doing for that is not a defence in a criminal matter. He has done his best to circumvent impartial investigation by decreeing the dredging shall go ahead regardless of evidence.

Yes, and the CSIRO with its new charter, developed under a Liberal government but not addressed by the new Labor government, can be brought to account for their self-interested, bodgy business plan for the Bay.

I ‘ll be the first aboard such an action against Brumby and the others who have displayed no respect for their environment.


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