On Port Phillip Bay dredging Premier Brumby proves himself a lightweight

Today Premier Brumby proved himself a twit over the dredging of Port Phillip Bay. His logic was frightfully flawed. He said it was better for traffic flow in and around the CBD to have large cargo ships discharging cargo than thousands of smaller ones.

Anyone who has been in a traffic grid lock knows that waiting for a large anything to unload is going to create more waiting time than a small anything to unload. And again the small ships are usually owned by small operators who are not part of the monolithic corporations who have already helped ruin the planet with their over production of everything.

For a start we don’t have thousands of small ships unloading because we don’t have huge imports like the rest of the countries on the Pacific rim. We also don’t have a large amount of manufactured products leaving our shores because they’re all being manufactured in China and India.

Many transport operators have advised the investigative panels that the ships we are dredging for can already enter our Melbourne port because by the time they reach us they will be close to empty, having visited all the other Pacific ports before us. However these transport experts have not factored in oil tankers – the most dangerous creatures to Port Phillip Bay – for they will enter fully laden (see previous posts).


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