Premier Brumby’s only vision – dredge Port Phillip Bay

The dredging of Port Phillip Bay is premier Brumby’s vision – his only vision. This blog has been saying that for months but today it was confirmed by The Age. He has been pushing and manipulating for this end for years.

Now, against all genuine advice, he is going ahead. Not too good himself when meeting the public, except with the occasional patronising witticism, directed at those who support him, he has pushed and pushed for the dredging and the larger port, and former Premier Bracks has departed, not wanting to be the member who destroyed his electorate of Williamstown.

Williamstown is right where the waters of Hobson’s Bay languish. There aren’t too many currents there and Hobson’s Bay has experienced blue-green algae in the not too distant past. Those poisons and heavy metals dredged will not be rushed away. Nor will the two foot layer of fat that was laid down by the abbatoirs that operated on the banks of the Maribyrnong until two decade ago. If a current is stimulated by weather conditions the drift is across to Port Melbourne and St. Kilda. Of course where the toxic substances are to be dumped after dredging will be in the middle of the Bay and a good wind creates strong wave rhythm and  rogue currents in the shallow waters.

Premier Brumby says in The Age today that the debate is over. There has never been a genuine one, for his medling staff have indulged in, as The Age says today, “sinister” attempts at manipulation. They have also been successful in the manipulations. They destroyed the reputation of Captain Frank Hart , a former harbour master of Western Port Bay,  and several former Bay pilots (see previous posts). They fed incorrect information to the ineffectual protest group Blue Wedge, who  tacitly agreed that they wouldn’t be too forward with Captain Hart’s calculations that we face an Exxon Valdez disaster (no one has actually done the math to discover the risk). They (Blue Wedge) did release a press statement on their website to that effect but did not push it as a major concern. It is.

It’s good that The Age has caught two of Brumby’s minions in a corrupt strategy to nullify Lindsay Fox’s concern about traffic. Brumby is of course implicated in that piece of corruption. He has always played politics that way.

Who is Brumby you may ask? He’s an old Melbourne Grammar lad who is supported in his vision by several Melbourne Club members who stand to make mega millions in providing the infrastructure for this project, and for the move to Western Port Bay when the next wave of even larger ships will not be able to enter Port Phillip Bay at all.


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