Our deluded banks and governments are dunces when it comes to inflation and rising interest rates

It’s uplifting that interest rates are going up because the banks and governments are adhering to the traditional tenets of capitalism. The banks put up their charges and have it added to the inflation figures (yes, bank charges are part of our expenses that are  causing inflation) so they can charge us more interest.

The government put up their petrol tax at the same rate that petrol rises (diesel the least refined fuel is more expensive because the government doesn’t like those who use it getting more kilometres for their litre) and so the cost of fuel is added to the group of  expenses the average person incurs.

On top of that the real reason that food is going up is because our traditional farmers don’t have much to sell, BUT it is not them that scores the money – it’s the supermarkets and greedy retail and wholesale outlets. And on top of that it is not the wage or salary earner who is making the money from the raw materials that are placing us as a wealthy nation, it is the miners, their subsidiary transport companies, and the government.

Using the government’s principles behind inflation rising interest rates why don’t they all get more money from the banks and themselves (the governments)? Or is that logic too complex for our deluded leaders


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