Premier Brumby can’t lie straight in bed and Port Phillip Bay is going to pay for his spin on dredging

On the question of the dredging of Port Phillip Bay Premier Brumby can’t lie straight in bed. His blather is filled with copious lies. Today on the John Fain show he said the Port of Melbourne Authority was the proponent of dredging for larger ships. The POM are a government body and I can just see them going ahead with a proposal without government approval. Come on Brumby we all know how government works these days. You’ve been driving this vision for close to a decade.

Brumby blithely says we’ve had environmental reports, as though they agreed that there would be no damage to the Bay. The first report, and the most accurate, held fears for the sea grass (it hasn’t returned to Corio Bay after dredging there), the danger of toxic water to the dolphins, and those who fish and use the bay as a recreational ground. There was even mention of an unholy stink for several years. How about decades after the giant ships are gone and Port Phillip Bay can’t take the next wave of even larger ships no matter how much dredging.

No panel has ever considered or debated the Exxon Valdez scenario for the Bay despite pilots, and Captain Frank Hart, a former harbour master saying there will be a disaster of those dimensions. The pilots who used the navigational gear on the bigger ships all ran aground and there have been no further tests to publicise a success of such an exercise.

People of Melbourne be warned, you’re lifestyle is about to be ruined.


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