Premier Brumby’s mates on Bay dredging are nicking off

Those who supported Premier Brumby in his push for the Bay dredging are backing off. Even the individuals from the Melbourne Club are deserting him as they finally understand that they are about destroying the feature that makes Melbourne – the pristine waters of the Bay.

The dredging will destroy the sea grass beds and the fish breeding grounds forever. The unique dolphins that evolved in the Bay will be gone ( as they have in the Gippsland Lake system), and those idyllic summers on beach sands will be replaced by toxic water, dead creatures and the horrendous stink of the pollution.

As the bay waters rise ( the Arctic ice will be gone by 2013, the Antarctic ice a little later) the Bay mess after the dredging will enter beach front living rooms, for the volume of tidal water (neap tides etc) will increase monumentally.

We also know there has been no math done on the chance of an Exxon Valdez with the larger tankers. Captain Frank Hart, former harbour master, says it’s not if it happens but when. He’s been ignored until now. Why? He was undermined by the scurrilous Port of Melbourne Authority and the Department of Sustainability and Environment (they betrayed Melbourne on Yarra pollution so we can’t ever believe them again). Figures on global warming gases have not been considered.


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