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Brumby and Port of Melbourne are pushing Victoria on its face over channel dredging
February 25, 2008

The Port of Melbourne Authority, the Brumby government, and local businessmen who are all supporting the gouging of almost pristine Port Phillip Bay should have, for the planets sake, erred on the side of caution.

It appears that not only will they endanger the Bay but will also be lined up for the damage to the planet (remember UN laws allow us to sue those responsible for careless decisions leading to the delivery of carbon into the atmosphere).

A leaked UN study (John Vidal, The Guardian) states that the true scale of climate change emissions from shipping is almost three times higher than previously believed. Shipping is responsible for 1.12bn tons of CO2, or nearly 4.5% of all global emissions of main greenhouse gas. Aviation is responsible for 650 million tons, just half that of shipping. It’s under intense pressure to lower that figure so imagine how shipping is about to feel it.

What mugs we are in Victoria. We think the game now is fast development wins. Sorry, now the environment of the planet is going under, a slow approach to development is required. And it won’t be us controlling the visits of ships but the UN (with its laws on environmental responsibility). Perhaps all countries should retire from Free Trade and all the rampant carrying of cheap goods between countries. It would appear that we should have encouraged manufacture here. It’s a different game now boys, but of course we’ll try and squeeze as much money out of the transport system as we can.


Simon Ramsay the pip-squeak president of the Victorian Farmers Federation will soon be without a quorum, due to a climate change
February 23, 2008

Simon Ramsay, the pip squeak president of the Victorian Farmer’s Federation increased the pressure on himself yesterday when he said he was tired of minority groups getting the attention of the media and the judiciary.

Poor man doesn’t realise that with global warming his organisation will be very small quite soon. Victoria is going to be one of the largest areas hit by climate change and farmers will be out the door. Won’t we hear Simon moaning then, or will his opinion of minority groups shame him into silence? And if we’d had Blue Wedges style protest groups alerting us to climate change earlier perhaps his farmers would have had a future. Doubt it though, farmers organisations are radically conservative and slow to wake up.

And if projects like dredging had carbon estimates placed on them maybe climate change wouldn’t be so drastic.

Cut-out Kev day showed Opposition don’t think they’ve lost power
February 23, 2008

The cut-out Kevin day in Parliament reminded me of private school boys who think they have the ultimate power and ability. A Geelong private school once had its Melbourne football game canceled because of heavy rain. A Geelong match was hastily organised with a local orphanage. With the pressure off them the private school boys abused the orphans, played tricks on them, generally fooled around, and lost the match.

The opposition, with their Cut-out Kev, showed that they really don’t think they’ve lost and don’t realise they have to earn a living. Wait until they understand that they’ll have to do their own research and are no longer officially supported by departments. Then it will be really funny. All oppositions go through the period where they can’t question the government thoroughly because they have been so busy creating spin for themselves, and can’t get a handle on truth or fact.

China’s Olympic ambitions will show the world their inhuman record – like the Russian Olympics in 1980
February 22, 2008

China’s Olympics could turn out in the same way as the Russian in 1980. After the boycott of Russia by 64 states (led by the US) the Berlin Wall came down less than a decade later. I always maintained the boycott led to the beginning of the destruction of the USSR for suddenly it was discovered they were a fake country incapable of free speech, free elections or anything but political spin. They were revealed in all their nastiness.

China has inherited that image. They jail and kill dissidents, hound those who are in favour of free speech and elections, and oppress Tibetan and Burmese populations with their invasion tactics (Tibet) and support of corrupt military leaders (Burma). It’s again time for athletes and ordinary people to give these bastard Olympics a miss. We don’t want a replay of Hitler’s 1936 German Olympics where international support boosted the German soul’s need for domination. No one wants to look at these Olympic failures.

Prime Minister Rudd reduces Garnaut to just another opinion
February 21, 2008

Prime Minister Rudd heralded Garnaut as the reason he didn’t go to the election with a climate change policy. He gave him a broad brief, a Royal Commission would have loved the same, and now pretends he hadn’t regarded Ross Garnaut as a serious climate expert.

Spin is okay I suppose(no, it’s not) but when the planet’s existence as we know it is at risk we can certainly blame Rudd and preceding governments as those who had no respect for the environment, and so hit them with writs under the UN legislation that enables such action.

Do we have precedents for their not having respect or concern for the environment? Sure do. There’s the dredging in Port Phillip Bay that has not had carbon release estimated. And then there’s the Tamar valley world’s largest pulp mill go-ahead. Neither of these have world’s best practice techniques. Dumping dredged toxic material in the same water it’s dredged from is a definite no-no as far as wbp is concerned. And the toxins to be used in pulp manufacture is not used in the wbp pulp mills in Scandinavian countries.

Al Fayed’s brother-in-law, landmine dealer Adnan Khashoggi, in carpark before Diana’s car left hotel
February 20, 2008

Conspiracy theorists should make something of Adnan Khashoggi, arms dealer and landmine manufacturer and retailer, being in the hotel carpark before Princess Di’s car left.

Investigators follow the money and Princess Di was losing him plenty on landmine deals. Shouldn’t Al-Fayed’s brother-in-law be a suspect on the basis that he would benefit immensely from her death? I think there’s a whole new story to investigate here. Certainly as Al-Fayed’s evidence was merely opinion. Was he trying to keep the heat off his brother-in-law?

President Kennedy was murdered by Aristotle Onassis and those authorities that wanted to be rid of him
February 20, 2008

It’s extraordinary that papers are reporting today that the Warren Commission, run by those who hated President Kennedy, found that there was no conspiracy, as if the House Select Committee on Assassinations of 1979 had not found  that there was “a probable conspiracy to murder Kennedy.”

Aristotle Onassis orchestrated a group that included security agencies who wanted America rid of Kennedy. The murder was motivated by Onassis who was sleeping with Jackie prior to Dallas ( documented by JFK’s secretary), WHO HATED JOE KENNEDY AND HIS SONS BECAUSE THEY KEPT HIM FROM DOING BUSINESS IN AMERICA.  See Cleaning Up (Sceptre 1993) for the details of the links between Onassis, Hoover ( both cross dressers – how satirical can you get?) and Iron Bob Maheu and Lee Harvey Oswald.

Onassis and Jackie were shadowed by the security agencies (to mention them means this story would be censored – see stories of previous censorship) in the Med on the Christina as JFK requested, and so the agencies knew of Onassis’s hatred of the Kennedys.

Onassis was also desperate to prevent Jackie going to Dallas with Jack. Onassis who was banned from entering America on the day of the assassination attended tJack’s wake at the White House. Imagine the red tape massacre to allow him in so quickly.

Nuclear power should frighten investors who finally have to decommission and look after waste
February 19, 2008

Finland’s new nuclear power station (well still being built) is way behind timetable. These delays are adding to costs and so it is already overspent it’s original 2002 budget by 25 percent. France started a similar plant not long after and although dedicated nuclear power country it is leery of continuing costs.

Strange that neither company had considered the increasing cost of decommissioning a nuclear power station after its 20 odd year life. Well, the reason that Australia won’t go anything but storing other countries waste, is that it costs three times the amount to decommission a power station. And then there’s looking after the waste for 500,000 years. As the Americans know from their Washington state abortion the costs of trying to make waste stop leaking just go on and on (see Washington State website). So far they have stored waste there for sixty years (on the Columbia river) and they have never been without a leak or contamination of the river.

We’ll be underwater before we can be convinced to sell our beach houses.
February 17, 2008

The latest information on areas of Victoria to be drowned by rising seas is based on the speculation that the ice in the Arctic and on Greenland will have disappeared by 2050. This timing is way out of date, at least six months old. Three months ago the date was 2020 but now it’s 2013.

These corrections are caused by the study of actual ice melts in the Arctic. Previous calculations have been guessed at, imagining that ice will melt at a certain speed each year. There is no mathematical formulae for the planet’s melting ice. Once it begins it accelerates at an unheard of rate (previously).

The speculation that the next ice sheet in Antartica will be gone in a hundred years (The Guardian Weekly says 300 years but that length of speculation is patently guessing) is simply a figure picked out of the air. Once the planet’s stores of carbon are triggered to release, without hope of delaying the process, the speed will accelerate in the same way the ice melt in the Arctic is travelling. Please also remember that official figures, always prepeared cautiously, have all been wrong.

Aborigines aren’t the only ones that require counseling
February 15, 2008

Aborigines weren’t the only wounded that needed counseling on sorry day. The white kids from small towns that had fringe dwellers were also in dire need. They grew up hating aborigines because they imitated the behaviour of their parents and have never recovered from their racism.

Small town aborigines were not allowed to visit the local swimming pool, movie house, or any white sporting venue (golf courses). They were also illegally burned out by Victoria police. In Swan Hill the police travelled into New South Wales and burnt the humpy towns behind the Federal Hotel (patrons used aboriginal women and children) and on the Willows. The families were without possessions or food and they were told to walk to Mildura.

My friend Gilbert Britten’s cousin walked into the Murray and drowned himself after the fire. Myself and several friends realised that THE POLICE BEHAVED ILLEGALLY AND SO WE DESTROYED THE POLICE BOAT ANCHORED NEAR THE TOWN. I have never lost my anger that occurs when confronted by injustice.

All the kids who grew up in towns with fringe dwellers have never lost the racism that stemmed from the experiences of their childhood.