No water to drink? It’s the fault of our politicians and bureaucrats.

As usual the planet’s governments are doing nothing to alleviate the global warming gases. We know climate change is on but government bureaucrats and politicians have been living now for several decades of consensual decision-making and are bereft of innovative thought.

Epitomising this is the World Economic Forum, as reported by the Guardian last week. Outside the windows of the Forum’s chalet is the snow of the swiss Alps, suitably enhanced by an artifical snow cannon. The snow takes a third of all the water used in Davos where the Forum is taking place, and where water (and snow) shortage is becoming a problem. However those who are attending the Economic Forum have a benign, almost casual, attitude to the reality of 3 billion people living in water stressed areas within 20 years.

The economic Forum is dealing with alarming figures. For instance to make a cotton T-shirt takes 27,000 litres of water. An individual in a rich developed nation uses about 3,000 litres of water a day when the UN says a minimum of 20 litres a day is required for a person each day. In developed countries flushinbg the toilet in a household average 50 litres a day.

However in Davos they are still on the wrong track, imagining they can balance the needs of industry and people, and regarding that as a priority. They are still attempting to encourage the the growth of product when that has been artificially stimulated by an exploitative advertising industry using many Freudian perceptions to encourage the consuming of what is only be glossy rubbish, given status in a phoney brand name ownership competition.

The Davos wizards think a bureaucratic solution is possible because the only way to to adress problems is with large responses. Problem is that large responses require rules, regulations and customs, and in climate meergtencies such ponderous techniques have to be thrown out the window. hasn’t any of these alleged high-flyers lived in extreme conditions? haven’t they ever felt the need for water when water is fifty k’s away and it may take hours to get there. Let’s go to desert people to get a hold on what a lack of water is about. I have just observed aboriginal water holes near Talbot, Victoria, Australia. They have been dug a day’s walk from each other across some very dry country. Until last year the water holes had water in summer. Now they are dry. A hundred years ago it would have meant the death of the tribes who relied on those holes. Do the Davos mob get it? I don’t think so.

If Melbourne has the same style of rainfall next year as last year, and the desalination plant is not on line, Melbourne won’t have sufficient drinking water. The rainbfall is down but not alarmingly if you look at the figures. However the rain has been coming in brief down pours that doesn’t flow to the catchment areas.

Check on what your local industry and government are doing? Here in Melbourne the State Government under Premier Brumby (with the help of the Federal Government and Minister for the Environment Peter Garrett) are embarking on a horrendously toxic dredging exercise in Port Phillip Bay that will destroy the Bay waters and release huge amounts of global warming gases, and the latter have not been estimated.


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