Prime minister Rudd’s one thousand smarties forum is only pre-emptive spin

Prime Minister Rudd’s one thousand smarties forum on policy is really just pre-emptive spin. The Australian government has to face its inaction, and those of world governments on climate change for past decades and we still have no  capacity to act. As the climate deteriorates ( those in the country are well aware of the changes) there are still no policies or even small sops for environmentalists. Well, there is that old one: let’s agree to have another meeting on the problem.

Come the next federal election Rudd will be able to say I asked the brightest minds in Australia for solutions and they were unable to find any, or agree on any. It’s government by incompetents coming to consensus. No longer do we expect visions to emerge from anyone but committees, and when have they ever been right? Why doesn’t the government employ Tim Flannery to steer a way through the future horrors? I was going to say there is always the CSIRO but they’ve given up their credibility over the last five years (I think they even agreed that channel deepening was safe for Port Phillip Bay).


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