China’s Olympic ambitions will show the world their inhuman record – like the Russian Olympics in 1980

China’s Olympics could turn out in the same way as the Russian in 1980. After the boycott of Russia by 64 states (led by the US) the Berlin Wall came down less than a decade later. I always maintained the boycott led to the beginning of the destruction of the USSR for suddenly it was discovered they were a fake country incapable of free speech, free elections or anything but political spin. They were revealed in all their nastiness.

China has inherited that image. They jail and kill dissidents, hound those who are in favour of free speech and elections, and oppress Tibetan and Burmese populations with their invasion tactics (Tibet) and support of corrupt military leaders (Burma). It’s again time for athletes and ordinary people to give these bastard Olympics a miss. We don’t want a replay of Hitler’s 1936 German Olympics where international support boosted the German soul’s need for domination. No one wants to look at these Olympic failures.


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