Cut-out Kev day showed Opposition don’t think they’ve lost power

The cut-out Kevin day in Parliament reminded me of private school boys who think they have the ultimate power and ability. A Geelong private school once had its Melbourne football game canceled because of heavy rain. A Geelong match was hastily organised with a local orphanage. With the pressure off them the private school boys abused the orphans, played tricks on them, generally fooled around, and lost the match.

The opposition, with their Cut-out Kev, showed that they really don’t think they’ve lost and don’t realise they have to earn a living. Wait until they understand that they’ll have to do their own research and are no longer officially supported by departments. Then it will be really funny. All oppositions go through the period where they can’t question the government thoroughly because they have been so busy creating spin for themselves, and can’t get a handle on truth or fact.


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