AFL thugs (like Barry Hall) thrive in a cheats game

AFL thug Barry Hall threw punches that showed he has been training in another sport – boxing. Throwing a left without looking is a technique that has been developed on the timing bags, and the straight left is the most effective weapon against an attacker who knows nothing about boxing. It is the most commonly thrown punch, for not only is it an attacking punch but also a defensive one in that it keeps the knowledgeable at bay.

And then to pretend innocence like a schoolyard bully appealing to a supervising teacher is pathetic. The game is being played by dolts who imagine a pained look to the umpire will get them off a charge for gross brutality. The first blow delivered by Hall was also a cowardly and sneaky.

Still, it can be put down to the game itself. It’s a cheats game. It depends for its appeal on highflying marks. Mostly these marks are taken while the knees are in the backs or shoulders of an opponent. For this transgression of the no pushing in the back rule a competitor is only penalised if he doesn’t mark the ball. If the knees are on the shoulders or in the back of an opponent and the mark is missed a free kick is given. To have consistency in that rule would remove the appealing spectacle from the game. What can you expect from a game that encourages brutality on all levels?


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