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Grounding of ship is warning of Port Phillip Bay disaster to come
May 9, 2008

Today’s shipping accident involving a relatively small New Zealand cargo vessel is just one more warning for those who live around the bay. It’s hull slid onto the Great Sands and wasn’t deep enough to reach the rocky outcrops the sand hides. This was during mild weather and without the RIP tides being involved. It was relatively easy to drag off. There are an estimated three accidents of this type annually (since 1974).

The real danger is when the tankers with a hull depth of another 3 to 4 metres run onto the sands. It will happen because the mouth of the southern channel has no room for safety. A large ship entering the channel from the RIP is at a an angle, and so a 50 metres wide vessel can be as much as 130 metres wide and the estimated 200 metre wide entrance offers no real safety margins when there is a 14 knot tide running through the RIP and perhaps a storm adding to the chaos.

A fractured hull on a tanker means an Exxon Valdez for Port Phillip Bay. The billion dollar profit alleged from the deepening of the southern channel and the RIP will look puny compared to the $20 billion clean-up ( estimated cost of Exxon Valdez disaster). That was in the ocean were oil could escape. Now, imagine a disaster of that magnitude in the bay. Peter Garret please take notice.


Burma’s lunatic government should be ignored and if they resist wipe them out
May 8, 2008

Burma’s militarty dictatorship is quite incompetent and should be ignored; the West flying in aid to all affected areas in a blanketing style. They’ve done it before, they can do it now, Fly and drop water and supplies in without regard to the government of Burma. There may be a military response from them and they should be annihilated if they attempt attacks on rescue missions.

Unfortunately Bush didn’t respond appropriately to New Orleans cyclone so these Burmese canaries in their black boots and smart uniforms imagine they can delay in the same way. They want a smaller population in the same way that Bush wanted a smaller black population in Florida. The time has come for visionary action and we aren’t getting it. We have a war here. One, it’s a war on climate change – which is being ignored – but it is also a war on a ruthless and murdering regime. If they don’t allow help to their people wipe them out.

Sam showed his crass moves to attract Caroline Wilson’s attention.
May 1, 2008

Sam Newman attempted to humiliate Caroline Wilson because she’s perceptive, knows the game better than he, and writes brilliantly. These days she’d probably play a better game of football than Sam

The psychology behind such a performance is interesting. Sam chose a mannequin because that’s the only shapely thing he can really relate to. He placed the plaster model in a bikini because that’s his favourite uniform and placed Caroline’s face on his favourite object because he’s deeply attached to her. The poor guy handled the mannequin in what he thought was the appropriate way to have sex, or make love, and he looked like the perfect sleaze that attempts to fondle a desirable woman in any way he can.