Burma’s lunatic government should be ignored and if they resist wipe them out

Burma’s militarty dictatorship is quite incompetent and should be ignored; the West flying in aid to all affected areas in a blanketing style. They’ve done it before, they can do it now, Fly and drop water and supplies in without regard to the government of Burma. There may be a military response from them and they should be annihilated if they attempt attacks on rescue missions.

Unfortunately Bush didn’t respond appropriately to New Orleans cyclone so these Burmese canaries in their black boots and smart uniforms imagine they can delay in the same way. They want a smaller population in the same way that Bush wanted a smaller black population in Florida. The time has come for visionary action and we aren’t getting it. We have a war here. One, it’s a war on climate change – which is being ignored – but it is also a war on a ruthless and murdering regime. If they don’t allow help to their people wipe them out.


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  1. You’re absolutely right.

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