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Kevin Rudd’s open government policy was undertaken by the Whitlam government and I edited the journal and wrote for it
April 20, 2008

Kevin Rudd’s open government suggestion from the smarties’ conference is way in the shade compared with the open government magazine Shelter that I and journalist David Halpin produced for the Whitlam government in 1973. Shelter magazine had articles criticising the Department of Housing and the government on housing and environment policies. The lead article in the first edition was by Professor Henderson’s team on the poverty commission and outlined just how badly housing was going.

Following the example of Shelter the Aboriginal Affairs department also launched theirs but the bureaucrats carefully manipulated that. However it took six months for the department of Housing to kill Shelter’s openess. The problem with open government is that bureaucrats are secretive by nature, and response.

It was very simple to have Shelter agreed to. David and I discovered that the new minister and the old department head weren’t speaking to each other. Pushing the boundaries a little David told his minister that the department head wanted an open government journal and I told the department head that the minister wanted an open government policy. What a beautiful little operation and it revealed the total hypocrisy of the bureaucrats.

It was an amazing succes. The journal had a circulation of ten thousand.I still have copies of the letters requesting it for libraries, builders, architects and all the building industry media and unions. It was an unheard of circulation for a minor department’s publication..


Aborigines aren’t the only ones that require counseling
February 15, 2008

Aborigines weren’t the only wounded that needed counseling on sorry day. The white kids from small towns that had fringe dwellers were also in dire need. They grew up hating aborigines because they imitated the behaviour of their parents and have never recovered from their racism.

Small town aborigines were not allowed to visit the local swimming pool, movie house, or any white sporting venue (golf courses). They were also illegally burned out by Victoria police. In Swan Hill the police travelled into New South Wales and burnt the humpy towns behind the Federal Hotel (patrons used aboriginal women and children) and on the Willows. The families were without possessions or food and they were told to walk to Mildura.

My friend Gilbert Britten’s cousin walked into the Murray and drowned himself after the fire. Myself and several friends realised that THE POLICE BEHAVED ILLEGALLY AND SO WE DESTROYED THE POLICE BOAT ANCHORED NEAR THE TOWN. I have never lost my anger that occurs when confronted by injustice.

All the kids who grew up in towns with fringe dwellers have never lost the racism that stemmed from the experiences of their childhood.