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The Queen and her relationship to her laureate of ordinary humour
December 21, 2007

Poet laureate Ted Hughes is given a hollow role by the Spectator’s Phillip Hensher. In his slavish and servile tribute to Ted Hughes (and a considerable poet he was) he makes him appear a laureate of ordinary humour. The poor lad wrote to his Aunt that the Queen was fascinated by his volume Birthday Letters. Problem was he had just given it to her and she hadn’t read it. She was extremely vivacious and happy-spirited. How cliched could a poet be. No wonder Sylvia Plath topped herself. He writes: “It’s well known that Hughes’ relationship with the monarch and her family was warmer and more direct than any other laureate since Lord Tennyson’s with Queen Victoria.” Really? Why? That Hughes was dying perhaps, and she wouldn’t have to see him for too much longer. No one questions that the Queen hasn’t a bloody clue about poetry, politics, art, other cultures, or anything remotely connected with life. Aaaah, of course, racing, but has anyone seen her race, or even ride a horse at speed, or look after one of the creatures. Let’s be serious about the Queen, she hasn’t been seen to have experienced real life in any form whatsoever. And those bloody Xmas speeches. At least they’d have been better if Hughes had written them.


Countries without unions and with crippling human rights laws end up poverty stricken
October 31, 2007

Let’s straighten a few things out on unions and police states. The first is pretty easy. Name one country with an affluent lifestyle that doesn’t have strong unions? You can’t. China can’t be claimed because most people there live in poverty. Their provinces to the west are horrendously poor. We’re getting into this one because the prime minister of Australia, John Howard, is union bashing on his lead up to the election.

When did Australia begin moving forward economically? Easy, when unions became strong. When did all the other affluent countries bergin moving forward? Yes, unions again.

Why? Well for a country to become affluent you require people to become consumers. The more they consume the wealthier the country. Unions enable the majority of the working class people to be able to consume. The more money to be spent the richer people become, although there are the disadvantaged who always have a hard time.

In police states there is a decline in entrepreneurship. The reason is that entrepreneurs don’t want to be noticed by envious authority figures and busted or oppressed by the need for bribes and similar pay-outs. In police states movement and ideas are restricted so that communications between people doesn’t fully develop. Lacking that dynamism innovative individuals are not recognised or encouraged. Look at China again. Only the favoured (comparatively very few) are becomng wealthy. Now watch China as its water supplies are depleted.

The wealthy countries like the US, the UK, and Australia (because of the mining boom) don’t yet know their human rights have been eroded, for it’s only just begun. They have only been a police state for the last few years, so the real corruption hasn’t set in. Sure we’ve seen the appalling treatment of a few individuals but we don’t yet see any of this happening to us. How could we be arrested, tortured, rendered, and generally abused, we’ve done nothing? Well, to find out the truth read Richard Flanagan amazing novel, The Unknown Terrorist. It’s actually faction in the most rivetting sense.

Fiddling as our planet our planet dies and our media worries about interest rates
October 30, 2007

As the election closes upon us we’re about to elect those who fiddle while Rome burns, John Howard or Kevin Rudd. The climate change tipping point has passed us by and they’re not going to sign Kyoto unless the developing countres do. If you haven’t understood, you foreign affairs retards, undeveloped countries envy the consumer goods we still revel in, and whose manufacture we still encourage. In this country see the giant paper mill decision and the destructive dredging of Port Phillip Bay. With those decisions in train how can anyone expect developing countries to do any more than we do – nothing, but lust after opportunities to trade and die. The carbon trading joke is so pathetic no one is even mentioning it anymore.

I suppose we fiddle but Bush still destroys (for a start the Wars produce global warming gases more dangerous than carbon dioxide and no one is studying it). He wouldn’t talk to Rudd or Howard over climate change because he didn’t want to. The most powerful man in our universe and he won’t give direction (well, not tallking about it gave it a direction I suppose – drop it.) Our gutless wonders didn’t press him.

And so as we head to ultimate disaster in 20/20 ( see reports coming out of the Arctic and from Earl de Blonville ( on You Tube by the weekend) and still we’re not planning to live with extreme weather conditions. Our media tell us we’re only worrying about rising housing rate (in Australia) although really most of us who have followed climate change are frightened of losing the planet.

Humour gave us back the true Jihad Jack, and depleted a nasty authority
October 25, 2007

If humour is about laughter there’s a new province to be exploited. My laughter is coming harder and faster when I read about powerful people being nailed for their hypocrisy. My laugh is even stronger if I nail them myself.

There is an uneasiness though and it kicks in if the aspects I’ve discovered have been harming others. Then I have to resort to explaining to myself that those that have been hurt will enjoy their exposure. However there is the element that perhaps they’re no longer around to enjoy the laughter of seeing their persecutors deflated.

The Chasers (The Chasers’ War on Everything) have given me a lasting laugh, one I carry with me and can produce whenever I need it. It began when they were chasing down Jack Thomas, or Jihad Jack, who was a great character around the suburb of Williamstown, Melbourne, where I once lived. In fact the alleged terrorist used to sell me batteries, shavers, radios in the local electrical store. I saw him once in Arab uniform walking by the coffee shops and smiling at the young women.

I was told he was becoming a Muslim to win a Muslim chick.

So then he was caught in Afghanistan, trying to flee the country, for he had been flirting with military training there (remember the Americans had been there and had helped the country beat the Russians (something of an attraction for a young hero). For his troubles, although he had never hurt anyone, he received a rendering and obviously some suitable torture that Americans allowed then – curtesy of Cheney – you know, being submerged under water with the thought they may drown you. Harmless stuff really.

So, the Australian legal system caught up with him, and told him he was not allowed to phone Osama bin Laden. This beauty came from Dead Brains Ruddock and the Federal police.

So the Chasers stake out Jack’s home and when he arrives in his car they follow it up the drive way (camera’s point of view). As he steps from the vehicle Osama bin Laden rushes to him and accusingly says, “Jack, Jack, you haven’t rung me lately.” Naturally it is one of the Chasers in Osama’s gear.

And Jack, who we have been assured is a killer, screams with laughter, as I do, and half the nation does. It is one in the eye for the most depleted politician we have ever had before us, Nasty Rudd, who has taken away from us most of our democratic freedoms and so brought the terrorists periously close to winning, for they have taken away our human rights.

Jack goes on to say, “Hey fellas I’d love to ask you into tea but I have to take my wife to the doctor.” Humour, and the response to it, has completely restored Jack’s image as a good bloke. It is the only weapon we have and if you’re one of those who are exposing those like Dead Brains Ruddock, laugh a little.

Right about the planet’s nuclear waste, the destruction of our agricultural industries, and now a partnership of forgers in Toorak
October 25, 2007

I haven’t ever boasted about my prophetic novels. However the last, “The Devil’s Trap … set to catch friends”, laid out the spin that America and Australia are putting on the fact that finally the wide, brown land will be the planet’s nuclear waste dump. First there was the lurch towards having nuclear power. That feint has been replaced by: we’re not having nuclear power. This from Malcolm Slick Turnbull, our environmental Minister. But we’ve already signed a nuclear agreement with America and we will be taking their nuclear waste.

First they tried the gambit of, gee, if we lease our uranium to other countries we can take it back to store it. That is the most perverse commercial deal I’ve ever heard. We lease something valuable and take it back when it’s useless for anything but storing, and we pay for that. The spin on that is those who used it will pay for storage until …. they forget? they go broke? Remember it’s looking after a substance that can leak at any time for 500,000 years.

The novel was also right on the Murray/Darling river system and how we are about to lose our agriculture. So we swap our agricultural industry for the nuclear waste industry, otherwise we will be a poor nation. The Americans can do that with us because they have been studying our Murray/Darling river system for decades ( see ABC Rural hour -2004). They’ve monitored flow and salinity. You see they know we are a very handy country and they have a special bureaucracy to study what is happening here, and how we can be manipulated. (Who said, “Just because I’m paranoid, doesn’t mean they’re not out to get us.”)

But an unexpected prediction was that a couple were forging paintings in Toorak. Yep, I got the style of painting wrong and the fact that a woman wasn’t found murdered, but you get the accuracy.