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Kevin Rudd needs to pay attention to a planet that is a super organism and will save itself.
April 17, 2008

Kevin Rudd is far behind on climate change and has no respect for the environment, but he loves kids. The need to talk to them, educate them and look after them shines in all his meeting with children. It’s good to watch. He also likes old people and just about anyone who comes across his path. It’s a pity he’s not doing enough to ultimately help them survive on this planet. Respected scientists are now saying by the end of the century that 60% of humanity will have disappeared from the planet because of lack of food, water and a continuing devastation  by horrendous storms. Remember those who think the planet is a super organism and will always survive. I used to laugh at them. This dust beneath my feet isn’t doing much thinking, I thought. Kevin, pay attention to those allegedly radical scientists. That way things will begin to happen. Not that I agree with them on nuclear power. But if the super organism is intelligent it may help us to help ourselves.


Brumby and Port of Melbourne are pushing Victoria on its face over channel dredging
February 25, 2008

The Port of Melbourne Authority, the Brumby government, and local businessmen who are all supporting the gouging of almost pristine Port Phillip Bay should have, for the planets sake, erred on the side of caution.

It appears that not only will they endanger the Bay but will also be lined up for the damage to the planet (remember UN laws allow us to sue those responsible for careless decisions leading to the delivery of carbon into the atmosphere).

A leaked UN study (John Vidal, The Guardian) states that the true scale of climate change emissions from shipping is almost three times higher than previously believed. Shipping is responsible for 1.12bn tons of CO2, or nearly 4.5% of all global emissions of main greenhouse gas. Aviation is responsible for 650 million tons, just half that of shipping. It’s under intense pressure to lower that figure so imagine how shipping is about to feel it.

What mugs we are in Victoria. We think the game now is fast development wins. Sorry, now the environment of the planet is going under, a slow approach to development is required. And it won’t be us controlling the visits of ships but the UN (with its laws on environmental responsibility). Perhaps all countries should retire from Free Trade and all the rampant carrying of cheap goods between countries. It would appear that we should have encouraged manufacture here. It’s a different game now boys, but of course we’ll try and squeeze as much money out of the transport system as we can.

Nuclear power should frighten investors who finally have to decommission and look after waste
February 19, 2008

Finland’s new nuclear power station (well still being built) is way behind timetable. These delays are adding to costs and so it is already overspent it’s original 2002 budget by 25 percent. France started a similar plant not long after and although dedicated nuclear power country it is leery of continuing costs.

Strange that neither company had considered the increasing cost of decommissioning a nuclear power station after its 20 odd year life. Well, the reason that Australia won’t go anything but storing other countries waste, is that it costs three times the amount to decommission a power station. And then there’s looking after the waste for 500,000 years. As the Americans know from their Washington state abortion the costs of trying to make waste stop leaking just go on and on (see Washington State website). So far they have stored waste there for sixty years (on the Columbia river) and they have never been without a leak or contamination of the river.

We’ll be underwater before we can be convinced to sell our beach houses.
February 17, 2008

The latest information on areas of Victoria to be drowned by rising seas is based on the speculation that the ice in the Arctic and on Greenland will have disappeared by 2050. This timing is way out of date, at least six months old. Three months ago the date was 2020 but now it’s 2013.

These corrections are caused by the study of actual ice melts in the Arctic. Previous calculations have been guessed at, imagining that ice will melt at a certain speed each year. There is no mathematical formulae for the planet’s melting ice. Once it begins it accelerates at an unheard of rate (previously).

The speculation that the next ice sheet in Antartica will be gone in a hundred years (The Guardian Weekly says 300 years but that length of speculation is patently guessing) is simply a figure picked out of the air. Once the planet’s stores of carbon are triggered to release, without hope of delaying the process, the speed will accelerate in the same way the ice melt in the Arctic is travelling. Please also remember that official figures, always prepeared cautiously, have all been wrong.

Prime minister Rudd’s one thousand smarties forum is only pre-emptive spin
February 7, 2008

Prime Minister Rudd’s one thousand smarties forum on policy is really just pre-emptive spin. The Australian government has to face its inaction, and those of world governments on climate change for past decades and we still have no  capacity to act. As the climate deteriorates ( those in the country are well aware of the changes) there are still no policies or even small sops for environmentalists. Well, there is that old one: let’s agree to have another meeting on the problem.

Come the next federal election Rudd will be able to say I asked the brightest minds in Australia for solutions and they were unable to find any, or agree on any. It’s government by incompetents coming to consensus. No longer do we expect visions to emerge from anyone but committees, and when have they ever been right? Why doesn’t the government employ Tim Flannery to steer a way through the future horrors? I was going to say there is always the CSIRO but they’ve given up their credibility over the last five years (I think they even agreed that channel deepening was safe for Port Phillip Bay).

Port Phillip Bay will be dredged by cowboys and still be devoid of ships
February 4, 2008

The Dutch company dredging Port Phillip Bay into a disaster area employs dredging cowboys, according to former Captain Gerry Seymour. Seymour has worked for the company and says their only dredging criteria is do it fast. The faster it’s done the more money for the company.

Balmain based Seymour related the story of his refusing to dredge within metres of the Port Kembla wharves. He said he would only dredge to thirty metres. The company hired someone else for the night dredging and when Seymour returned the next morning he saw the dredge had hit the wharves destroying two cranes and all the lifeboats on the dredge.

He said the usual contract stipulates that if they finish the dredging before time there is a daily bonus for every day saved. He holds very little hope for the restoration of the bay.

Seymour also says that going by his experience with shipping companies (and he owned ships himself), if the shipping companies have threatened not to visit a port unless it’s deepened they are already seriously thinking of not using the port. He knows that the cost of freight from anywhere in the world to Sydney or Melbourne is the same, so they would prefer not to have to visit a second port and be up for charges for pilots, tugs and be unable to use toxic metal restorers in the Bay. They’d prefer to unload in Botany Bay or even Brisbane. Seymour said they are ruthless enough to refuse to use Port Phillip Bay even if the dredging has been undertaken at their bidding.

No water to drink? It’s the fault of our politicians and bureaucrats.
February 3, 2008

As usual the planet’s governments are doing nothing to alleviate the global warming gases. We know climate change is on but government bureaucrats and politicians have been living now for several decades of consensual decision-making and are bereft of innovative thought.

Epitomising this is the World Economic Forum, as reported by the Guardian last week. Outside the windows of the Forum’s chalet is the snow of the swiss Alps, suitably enhanced by an artifical snow cannon. The snow takes a third of all the water used in Davos where the Forum is taking place, and where water (and snow) shortage is becoming a problem. However those who are attending the Economic Forum have a benign, almost casual, attitude to the reality of 3 billion people living in water stressed areas within 20 years.

The economic Forum is dealing with alarming figures. For instance to make a cotton T-shirt takes 27,000 litres of water. An individual in a rich developed nation uses about 3,000 litres of water a day when the UN says a minimum of 20 litres a day is required for a person each day. In developed countries flushinbg the toilet in a household average 50 litres a day.

However in Davos they are still on the wrong track, imagining they can balance the needs of industry and people, and regarding that as a priority. They are still attempting to encourage the the growth of product when that has been artificially stimulated by an exploitative advertising industry using many Freudian perceptions to encourage the consuming of what is only be glossy rubbish, given status in a phoney brand name ownership competition.

The Davos wizards think a bureaucratic solution is possible because the only way to to adress problems is with large responses. Problem is that large responses require rules, regulations and customs, and in climate meergtencies such ponderous techniques have to be thrown out the window. hasn’t any of these alleged high-flyers lived in extreme conditions? haven’t they ever felt the need for water when water is fifty k’s away and it may take hours to get there. Let’s go to desert people to get a hold on what a lack of water is about. I have just observed aboriginal water holes near Talbot, Victoria, Australia. They have been dug a day’s walk from each other across some very dry country. Until last year the water holes had water in summer. Now they are dry. A hundred years ago it would have meant the death of the tribes who relied on those holes. Do the Davos mob get it? I don’t think so.

If Melbourne has the same style of rainfall next year as last year, and the desalination plant is not on line, Melbourne won’t have sufficient drinking water. The rainbfall is down but not alarmingly if you look at the figures. However the rain has been coming in brief down pours that doesn’t flow to the catchment areas.

Check on what your local industry and government are doing? Here in Melbourne the State Government under Premier Brumby (with the help of the Federal Government and Minister for the Environment Peter Garrett) are embarking on a horrendously toxic dredging exercise in Port Phillip Bay that will destroy the Bay waters and release huge amounts of global warming gases, and the latter have not been estimated.

America, UK, Australia and New Zealand security agencies are part of the greatest human rights fraud perpetrated on English speaking countries
January 25, 2008

The US, UK, Australia, and New Zealand are part of the greatest human rights fraud being perpetrated on English speaking countries. This week it was announced in Australia that we had been invited to participate in the FBI’s criminal and terrorist data base – The Age. In the UK the FBI demanded that the UK data base be available to the FBI- The Guardian.

Okay, let’s slow down. Let’s ask the questions. Don’t we already have Interpol to do exactly these things and doesn’t that include the police forces of European countries? Strangely enough the very week that the FBI announced their need to enter our data bases the head of Interpol was charged with taking bribes. Gee, I guess that means Interpol is no longer viable. So why haven’t our police forces been disbanded and sidelined when our state police commissioners have been found to be corrupt?

But we already have the secret UKUSA (UK USA) organisation that includes all the English speaking security agencies in the already listed countries. This organisation was exposed by Professor Desmond Ball in his book, The Ties That Bind. The operational head of UKUSA is the director of the CIA out of Langley. It’s sort of cosy isn’t it? You see George Bush senior was director of the CIA before he was President. UKUSA was regarded as the organisation that brought together all the countries that agreed with and participated in the first Gulf War. Note how different it was for George Bush jnr in the second Gulf War. In the CIA there was also the Bush League, a group of agents who worked to have George Bush snr elected president.

So why is the FBI now pretending that they want access to all the data bases and insist that we increase the quality of our criminal and terrorist information (Please note that the security laws were used again the protesters at Heathrow airport some months ago, so into the data bases go those who are dissidents but not criminals or terrorists – The Guardian). Why could that be? My speculation is that as the environment of the planet worsens there will be stronger protests against government policies that favour the polluters and not the ordinary people who now save water and power. Aren’t we all doing that saving?

Well, no we’re not. The big polluters are going to be fined or receive hefty levies, or trade the right to pollute, to compensate for their polluting ways. That’s what Kyoto and Bali was all about. Problem is corporations always pass on the tarriffs they have to pay, or the interest to the banks, or their oil and transport costs to you and I, the consumer. Look how the banks who made disastrous subprime investments raised their interest to cover their losses.

But let’s get back to the main theme of this story. With the FBI raiding our information that our security people have collected on innocent people we are reasonably accepting. Imagine if they had blatantly said it was UKUSA, run by the CIA that wanted the information. Slowly there would develop considerable unease for the CIA have been behind the murder, torture and kidnapping of innocent people in following their rendering policies. The CIA have used countries friendly to America to aid them in carrying out the horrible rendering process. UK plane watches broke the story that the CIA planes were using the UK airports for their illegal deeds. Naturally they would have used other countries that were subservient to America and the CIA. And naturally UKUSA will receivedthe FBI information collected from other security agencies around the world for the director of the CIA controls UKUSA which controls the FBI.

Premier Brumby can’t lie straight in bed and Port Phillip Bay is going to pay for his spin on dredging
January 24, 2008

On the question of the dredging of Port Phillip Bay Premier Brumby can’t lie straight in bed. His blather is filled with copious lies. Today on the John Fain show he said the Port of Melbourne Authority was the proponent of dredging for larger ships. The POM are a government body and I can just see them going ahead with a proposal without government approval. Come on Brumby we all know how government works these days. You’ve been driving this vision for close to a decade.

Brumby blithely says we’ve had environmental reports, as though they agreed that there would be no damage to the Bay. The first report, and the most accurate, held fears for the sea grass (it hasn’t returned to Corio Bay after dredging there), the danger of toxic water to the dolphins, and those who fish and use the bay as a recreational ground. There was even mention of an unholy stink for several years. How about decades after the giant ships are gone and Port Phillip Bay can’t take the next wave of even larger ships no matter how much dredging.

No panel has ever considered or debated the Exxon Valdez scenario for the Bay despite pilots, and Captain Frank Hart, a former harbour master saying there will be a disaster of those dimensions. The pilots who used the navigational gear on the bigger ships all ran aground and there have been no further tests to publicise a success of such an exercise.

People of Melbourne be warned, you’re lifestyle is about to be ruined.

Premier Brumby’s only vision – dredge Port Phillip Bay
January 22, 2008

The dredging of Port Phillip Bay is premier Brumby’s vision – his only vision. This blog has been saying that for months but today it was confirmed by The Age. He has been pushing and manipulating for this end for years.

Now, against all genuine advice, he is going ahead. Not too good himself when meeting the public, except with the occasional patronising witticism, directed at those who support him, he has pushed and pushed for the dredging and the larger port, and former Premier Bracks has departed, not wanting to be the member who destroyed his electorate of Williamstown.

Williamstown is right where the waters of Hobson’s Bay languish. There aren’t too many currents there and Hobson’s Bay has experienced blue-green algae in the not too distant past. Those poisons and heavy metals dredged will not be rushed away. Nor will the two foot layer of fat that was laid down by the abbatoirs that operated on the banks of the Maribyrnong until two decade ago. If a current is stimulated by weather conditions the drift is across to Port Melbourne and St. Kilda. Of course where the toxic substances are to be dumped after dredging will be in the middle of the Bay and a good wind creates strong wave rhythm and  rogue currents in the shallow waters.

Premier Brumby says in The Age today that the debate is over. There has never been a genuine one, for his medling staff have indulged in, as The Age says today, “sinister” attempts at manipulation. They have also been successful in the manipulations. They destroyed the reputation of Captain Frank Hart , a former harbour master of Western Port Bay,  and several former Bay pilots (see previous posts). They fed incorrect information to the ineffectual protest group Blue Wedge, who  tacitly agreed that they wouldn’t be too forward with Captain Hart’s calculations that we face an Exxon Valdez disaster (no one has actually done the math to discover the risk). They (Blue Wedge) did release a press statement on their website to that effect but did not push it as a major concern. It is.

It’s good that The Age has caught two of Brumby’s minions in a corrupt strategy to nullify Lindsay Fox’s concern about traffic. Brumby is of course implicated in that piece of corruption. He has always played politics that way.

Who is Brumby you may ask? He’s an old Melbourne Grammar lad who is supported in his vision by several Melbourne Club members who stand to make mega millions in providing the infrastructure for this project, and for the move to Western Port Bay when the next wave of even larger ships will not be able to enter Port Phillip Bay at all.