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Sam showed his crass moves to attract Caroline Wilson’s attention.
May 1, 2008

Sam Newman attempted to humiliate Caroline Wilson because she’s perceptive, knows the game better than he, and writes brilliantly. These days she’d probably play a better game of football than Sam

The psychology behind such a performance is interesting. Sam chose a mannequin because that’s the only shapely thing he can really relate to. He placed the plaster model in a bikini because that’s his favourite uniform and placed Caroline’s face on his favourite object because he’s deeply attached to her. The poor guy handled the mannequin in what he thought was the appropriate way to have sex, or make love, and he looked like the perfect sleaze that attempts to fondle a desirable woman in any way he can.


Julia Gillard’s naive display over e-mails is shocking
April 15, 2008

dpm Julia Gillard’s spin on allowing bosses to read staffs e-mails was like a decomposing fish in the face.  I don’t mean who did what to whom at the Christmas parties, she tried. Well, that’s exactly the sort of e-mails the bosses will read. As we’ve realised over the last few weeks most bosses are so crooked those who are owed money by them send gangsters to collect their money.

Come on Julia most bosses are bullies and will tease, taunt and hound their staff over minor but inappropriate e-mails: it gives the bosses more control of the private lives of staff. There could even be intimidation and blackmail, or setting up staff by contacting those people with whom they have relationships

Who for Christ’s sake imagined that because they’re senior executives that bosses have any morals at all? It would seem to be exactly the reverse if you look at those who have been before the courts over the last 12 months. How did she become dpm with such naivety on display?

Wayne Carey is a watcher
March 28, 2008

Wayne Carey always managed to organise a place in a bedroom or bathroom where he could see himself performing, according to a former and occasional companion. Beware you watchers. Don’t look into your own eyes.

Men like New York Governor Eliot Spitzer mistake their wallet for their fly
March 14, 2008

Former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer is one of those poor bastards that missed out on real sex in his mad scramble for power. Real sex has nothing to do with money being paid in an attempt at satisfaction, although wealthy women occasionally mistake a man’s wealth for personality, power and good looks.

So it’s not entirely a philanderer’s fault if he mixes up his wallet and his fly. Women and men mistake the attraction of symbols for the reason that those copywriters who have pored over Freud (and Shakespeare, as Freud used his symbols to interpret dreams and desires) for meaningful symbols that will turn people into harvesting consumers, have managed to disguise sexual lust in ads for food, coffee, icecream, cars, weapons of mass destruction, and anything else you like to mention.

Still you’d expect a governor to know enough about sex to indulge it with some finesse and ultimate enjoyment. Sex for an hour with a paid companion is hardly anyones considered structure for a delightful evening. It’s more like a cookie monster hard at work on lingerie.


Sam should have been following my father’s advice on daily sex
March 6, 2008

Sam Newman should have taken my father’s advice. He told me that to keep prostate cancer at bay you should have daily sex. My father died at 92, without acknowledged prostate problems, but because he had jaw cancer, and he was frightened that the titanium replacement would buckle if he ate regular food. I know he ate regularly, on a daily basis in fact, but that didn’t save his jaw.

I ridiculed my father’s prostate theory and didn’t want to think about the daily sex he might be having until I received my inheritance of $678.80, exactly the same amount as my brother. Having lived the life of a rich man with beach houses, a superb art collection, and other indulgences (sounds like Sam) I imagined that I might receive enough to squander it on … something. I checked out my father’s finances and spoke to his friends.

Suddenly my respect for him was enormous. There were three women and he had given one an orchard, one a bus line and another a restaurant. To what age had he indulged himself? Well, the scene changed a little.There was a weekly cheque of $150 to Fashion Affair, a lingerie store, and a similar amount simply marked in the cheque butts as flowers. As he had never bought anyone flowers as far as I could remember, including my mother, and as I didn’t imagine him wearing women’s lingeries at 92, I surmised he had been avoiding prostate cancer up until the very last moment.

Sam you should have been doing better. I know I am.

McCain a Republican puppet who can’t physically surrender
March 2, 2008

The Republicans want McCain because it’s impossible for him to surrender. They have at their head a dyed in the wool puppet. With his arm affliction (he can’t raise his hands, or arms above his shoulders because of a hero crash in Vietnam) the only way he could surrender is if his advisory team hold his arms up for him. Or his wife. Or anyone at all.

Cut-out Kev day showed Opposition don’t think they’ve lost power
February 23, 2008

The cut-out Kevin day in Parliament reminded me of private school boys who think they have the ultimate power and ability. A Geelong private school once had its Melbourne football game canceled because of heavy rain. A Geelong match was hastily organised with a local orphanage. With the pressure off them the private school boys abused the orphans, played tricks on them, generally fooled around, and lost the match.

The opposition, with their Cut-out Kev, showed that they really don’t think they’ve lost and don’t realise they have to earn a living. Wait until they understand that they’ll have to do their own research and are no longer officially supported by departments. Then it will be really funny. All oppositions go through the period where they can’t question the government thoroughly because they have been so busy creating spin for themselves, and can’t get a handle on truth or fact.

Our deluded banks and governments are dunces when it comes to inflation and rising interest rates
January 23, 2008

It’s uplifting that interest rates are going up because the banks and governments are adhering to the traditional tenets of capitalism. The banks put up their charges and have it added to the inflation figures (yes, bank charges are part of our expenses that are  causing inflation) so they can charge us more interest.

The government put up their petrol tax at the same rate that petrol rises (diesel the least refined fuel is more expensive because the government doesn’t like those who use it getting more kilometres for their litre) and so the cost of fuel is added to the group of  expenses the average person incurs.

On top of that the real reason that food is going up is because our traditional farmers don’t have much to sell, BUT it is not them that scores the money – it’s the supermarkets and greedy retail and wholesale outlets. And on top of that it is not the wage or salary earner who is making the money from the raw materials that are placing us as a wealthy nation, it is the miners, their subsidiary transport companies, and the government.

Using the government’s principles behind inflation rising interest rates why don’t they all get more money from the banks and themselves (the governments)? Or is that logic too complex for our deluded leaders

American bastards jailed David Hicks for five years without charge. He trained with terrorists, what should we do with those who trained them?
December 30, 2007

Alleged terrorist (he was made to plead guilty if he wanted freedom, after being jailed for 5 years without charge – what bastards Americans are) David Hicks, who was no more than an enterprising adventurer tasting what the world has to offer, has been called stupid etc by the media. Remember it’s the same media that’s been wrong on climate change, Iraq, nuclear power safety, and a host of other causes they supported in their subtle ways. Oh and they’ve done absolutely nothing in protesting our terrorist legislation that makes us a parallel for Muslim countries that also flout a denial of human and legal rights of the individual.

If only more of those greedy fucking accountants who have stolen Australia’s culture of generosity and humour and replaced it with a mean, narrow and souless pursuit of the dollar – now on the point of failing (the American dollar is about to bust) – had taken off to taste the world’s diversity. We placed such expectation and responsibility on ignorant numbers creatures.

We jailed Hicks for training with terrorist, what should we do with those Americans who trained them? They were just as innocent as Hicks.

Robert Cornwall the irresponsible head of attorney-general’s dept should be sacked.
December 26, 2007

Our top legal incompetent should be sacked. Head of the attorney-general’s department, Robert Cornall, has allowed personal angst, after criticism of the way ASIO handled the kidnapping (by them) of Sydney medical student, Izhar ul-Haque, to interfere with the way he runs his gross spying business. He should have been sacked the moment the Labor Party came to power. He is supposed to be protecting our freedoms not trying to restrict them. One of the Westminster traditions (our democracy is supposed to be based on them, along with the Constitution) there should be total separation of government, the courts and the church. That means no influence being brought against the others, for any reason at all. That makes us different from other systems (say those based on Muslim and Communist beliefs). However under the new terrorism laws ASIO thinks it can abduct and interrogate (even get the CIA to render suspects) without responsibility to our democratic process. Well, fuck them. Do we want our system to be unrecognisable if placed up against those run by the ridiculous fundamentalism of some Muslim regimes?