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Climate Change’s Penny Wong is just an ALP apparatchic or yes woman
December 12, 2007

Minister for Climate Change, Penny Wong, is just a yes woman afterall. Her press conference, reported in The Age, portrayed her as a stereotypical Asian woman, who was so cool she didn’t sweat under intense questioning. She believes the lie that the government has to wait on the Garnaut report (halfway through next year) before they cap emissions? I don’t think so. In fact she doesn’t even think it’s a lie. She thinks spin is real, just like the media these days.

The real story is that the Labour government has no idea on climate change. They think it’s just one of those issues that if they play a straight bat often enough they’ll finally win through. Win through to what? A destructed country without water next year in some Australian cities (Al Gore’s Nobel acceptance speech). Australia just voted in another Liberal government. Well, we were warned.


Call him Cowardy Fuckwit Bush – he’s threatening to bomb old friends.
October 24, 2007

America made sure Saddam Hussien hung for his murder of Iraq’s Kurds, so what should happen to Bush if he bombs – as he’s threatening – the Kurds who are disturbing the Turks?

It’s a case of the good guys – although we know the Turks aren’t so good, laughing at Australians who go to Gallpolli each year to remember their defeat at the hands of the Turks – imitating the deeds of a murderer. The Turks have already bombed Kurdish villagers – two days ago.

Now Bush is saying, we’ll bomb them for you, so you don’t have to enter Iraq and confuse matters to another layer. Of course they’ve given these Kurds a label: the PKK, an alleged terrorist group. Who wouldn’t be a terrorist if you and your people had been bombed since the second world war, pretty regularly? Churchill bombed them first because they didn’t like the way their land had been divided, and became violent. Since then the Turks have been frightened they may attempt to take their land back from Turkey, and so bomb them out of fear. They want to do to them what they did to the Armenians a hundred years ago: tried to wipe the race out and killed a million or so.

What do we call Bush submitting to blackmail by the Turks? I thought he always said America wouldn’t give into blackmail threats and he’s preparing to after only three days. Remember also how America promised the Kurds that if they attacked Saddam Hussien they would receive support from America. They did; and they didn’t. Maybe fuckwit wouldn’t be out of order. A cowardy custard fuckwit?

Saddam Hussien gassed the Kurds. The result was death, as will be the result of the Turkish and American bombing. Of course civilians will be killed for Americans have never bombed anybody without killing civilians – collateral damage remember?

No nuclear power for Australia just the planet’s waste.
October 22, 2007

Malcolm Slick Turnbull has finally foreshadowed the news that we won’t be building nuclear power stations. My 2006 novel had already painted the scenario. Nuclear power for Australia would be promoted long enough for us to sign agreements on being the planet’s – America’s first – nuclear waste dump, and then disbanded. As The Devil’s Trap pointed out the US knew that our agriculture would disappear (they’ve been monitoring the Murray/Darling system for years) and a good argument for us taking the waste would be that we were swapping one industry for another.

Problem. Nuclear waste requires tending for 500,000 years. To place that in perspective the oldest man made buildings on the planet are the pyramids. They’re an estimated 10,000 years old. Because the cultures and the people change over the millenia we didn’t know what the pyramids were built for until the last hundred years when British archaeologists began investigating. Imagine how its going to be when the waste is buried (unsafely, for there is no evidence that we can store the stuff for longer than 50 years) in our deserts and generations have forgotten its there.In Washington State the waste was leaking into the Columbia river within a decade. The nuclear waste dumps will be built underground but above the central Australian water aquifers.

Still to be realised (as far as The Devil’s Trap is concerned) is that our savage anti-terror laws are really to stop protests against the storing and transport of such horrendously dangerous material.

Ben Cousins is Ned Kelly – a strange metamorphosis
October 19, 2007

We’ve misjudged Ben Cousins (at least I have). He is Ned Kelly. I imagined another football loser but now with the police charges dropped he will garner money from everyone, the Eagles, the AFL and the police – for wrongful arrest. The pay off will be far beyond Ned Kelly’s expectations.

Of couse he will still die with Ned’s words last words, SUCH IS LIFE, tattooed across his belly, but then he wants that. My assertion that he was promoting literary Australia ( Tom Collins’s classic, Such is Life, is no longer such a theme for his life) is not the true position. At least I hope not. He’s got to keep his nerve through several court cases and possibly the sporting clubs offers of settlement. Then again, if the WA police are full of Fremantle terrors he may die as violently as Ned.

Richard Pratt – wiping the ends that meet
October 19, 2007

Industrialist packaging maker Richard Pratt became the darling of the social set for a while there. His worrying about his factory losing 5 hours of work a week must have been inspiring. “They lost five hours this week,” he said to a journalist when checking a computer program that must have listed time lost by his workers.”I’ll get to the bottom of that.” Is that dialogue impressive? Basically he sounds like a perfectionist neurotic who’s working for a man she respects for his parsimony.

And how many trees he needed for his cardboard and paper have contributed to global warming? Not that he worries about that sort of stuff. He’s a big man who manages footballers (those disadvantaged athletes who are drug riddled and greedy) for an outlet from the pressure of his petty work practices.

So now he has to cough up 36 million odd and face the legal wrath of many (perhaps tens of thousands) whose businesses he ruined by his price fixing of his boxes for fruit and veg et al. He’s pleading guilty to price fixing, although he says he didn’t realise the extent of it. How could anyone forget that because of price fixing they could charge 20% more for packaging.

From memory there was another man who made a fortune by being the first to colour toilet paper pink. Not sure I’m impressed. But these two men manufacture much the same stuff. One is for wiping our end, and the other, because of the huge output, is wiping the end of the planet.

Latest Age Nielsen poll shows brothel Australia right on target with added orgasmic delights
October 18, 2007

Brothel keeper John Howard has offered his staff more money in the hand. And they’re allowed to keep it, at the expense of the sick, those with learning difficulties, our poorly equipped soldiers, and our roads. Kevin Rudd must come up with a similar offer or pole dancing venues will be closed to him.

Howard has learned a great deal about Australians as he pimped for us with America. Offer them money. It’s a foregone conclusion,if it’s enough. Malcolm Fraser learned the hardway. His pantless adventure in the US was a real learning curve for him. He offered us a mass media campaign of a hand giving money to his brothel staff and we went for it.

This visit Howard and Rudd offered the more expensive whores the world’s biggest polluting pulp mill, plus dioxin, the best date rape drug on the market. The innocence of Gullible Garret and Slick Turnbull, minor pimps in the game, was a rare sight to behold. They wet their pants at the orgasmic delight of folding before a client’s bulging wallet.

Treasurer Costello is not immune to pole dancing and whips. He is deeply affected by our love of the game. It was him though, tricky bum lad that he is, who devised a way to give money with one hand and take it away when Australia’s concentration was confused by overwhelming excitement.

Werribee’s sexual triumvirate will have lawyers with fevered imaginations
October 18, 2007

Werribee’s sexual triumvirate are about to punish themselves in the way they punished their victim. They’re going to voluntarily hang themselves out to dry. Pleading not guilty, unlike their sensible cohorts, means all the evidence of their excrutiating behaviour will be revealed to the court.

There are some women who enjoy the performances of many men at one time, and of course they are always leaving themselves at risk to such sadism from society’s macho minority, when their only motivation is watching boys at work.

That aside, these silly boys are not the only victims this time. Also being exposed will be their lawyers who are particularly excretory in cases like this. They attempt to humiliate the victim with assertions that they may have expected from a girl in their fevered imaginations. Well, this time they will be exposed for their private nastiness. This blog will have observers in what they hope will be their private performance space, and they will also be filmed in their places of work, just to be sure they can be identified by any more sadistic clients – say, from cruise ships – who indulge in such incomprehensible and boastful cruelty.

China culpable for Burma’s murderous oppression
October 18, 2007

China is culpable for the murder and mayhem that is occurring in Burma. The military junta wouldn’t have had the gall to close down the media links without the support of a huge power equally guilty of human rights violations. China speaks and the militarily weak America and its cohort the UN (and the west generally) back down.

Now we will have the tyrannical junta using its secret police to dispose of its opposition. It’s not as if we haven’t known all this for decades. Our own Bob Hawke (former PM), always quick to spot an opportunity for a dollar, made commercial approaches to Burma to fatten his pockets. He had been an exponent of human rights. And it’s that very behaviour that allows dictators to justify their existence for they know that if there is enough money in the offing former idealistic politicians will cave in to corruption. Why should they not do the same?

Who can Burma appeal to in their fight for democracy? Not our governments because they don’t have oil. Perhaps the voters in the west? Well, only if you’re prepared to harass the politicans you will or not be voting for in the near future. Use your strength or dwindle away.

Wild dolphins for Dubai’s desert hole
October 16, 2007

Sadam Hussien lit his oilfields up during the first gulf war, letting all the oil from coastal depots and wells drain into The Gulf. The Texas oil company that cleaned up the mess only recovered 10% of the lost oil, the rest of heavy crude is still swirling around on the bottom of the Gulf destroying sea life. It’s the reason the swish hotel in Dubai (Dubbay) has to import wild dolphins for containment for the amusement of guests. It has none of its own.

No one appears to respect the environment in any way at all. They open their hypocritical blubbermouths and say yes, yes, global warming, but let’s get some dolphins in from the Solomons to make this desert we live on the edge of look as if it’s really a diverse environment. This is no reflection on Dubai residents who are no different from the hypos from America, Australia, Russia, China etc. etc. Our politicans have to be changed quickly otherwise we’ll be living with these small raids on our more exotic environments every step to oblivion.

Ben Cousins, disgraced footballer, has a new job of promoting Australia’s Literary Classic, Tom Collins’s, Such is Life
October 16, 2007

Champion footballer Ben Cousins has begun promoting literary Australia. He’s tattooed in no uncertain way – across his belly – with the title of the Australian Classic, Such is Life by Tom Collins. There’s hope for Aussie rules yet. There’s not much hope for Ben Cousins though. Apart from being on the brink of a drug life and a future of “Duh” for his brain life, he is suspected of giving his mate Mainwaring the drugs that he consumed on the night he died.

But as he waves his footy career goodbye he can stroll Western Australia’s beaches picking up those literary chicks. Although most won’t notice him, their heads buried in that other literary cult classic, Freud and the Nazis Go Surfing.