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When hell happens politicians will be blamed for being ostrich-headed on climate change
October 15, 2007

The Australian economy, like world economies, wiil be devastated by climate change , so the economy being an issue in this next election on November 24 is patently a taste of the past. Let them look at the future.

The evidence is there to see. Look at any natural disaster you remember (I’m thinking of Nicaragua less than two weeks ago) and trace the damage to the economy. And by the way geologists are beginning to blame earthquakes on sea levels rising, so factor those in too. I’ve always questioned how we didn’t damage the earth’s crust when we removed oil and gas but I’ve always been howled down by the experts (mostly employed by oil companies) proclaiming the idiocy of such imaginings. With sea level rises being suspected I think I’m quite within the boundaries of geological reason to suspect mining. I won’t digress further.

If one storm that was thought to only belt away at prisitine jungle finally destroyed the lives of 180,000 people, what are the multiplying storms, drought, floods, and power losses going to do. They are going to destroy industries, environments, countries. Our ostrich-headed politicans need to be thinking of how to supply water, food and power to decimated cities, and planning how to contain civil unrest. Afterall when hell happens it will be these politicans people will blame.


We’ve triggered the planet’s tipping point claims expedition leader
September 27, 2007

I’m wanting to believe that climate change has several triggers, like a double-barelled shotgun. The first trigger has been pulled. This is from Earl de Blonville, a five time expedition leader to the Arctic and the leader of Australia’s first Arctic expedition. (This involved expedition members kayaking around Greenland until stopped by ice.) He claims the tipping point of the planet has passed us by. I’m hoping that there are other triggers and we can prevent ourselves from pulling them.

Problem is our present leaders are behaving as if we have years of opportunity to save our present lifestyle. We don’t. Two months ago scientists believed that the ice in the Arctic wouldn’t all disappear until 2050; then it was 2030; and now scientists are claiming (unofficially, but soon to be revealed) that it will be gone in 2020. So, no ice white shield to prevent the sun’s rays heating the earth.

In an interview soon to be posted on You Tube he gives his evidence.

Next year Earl is leading the Arctic Climate Change Expedition 2008 ( The reason for the expedition is to educate possible leaders for the time when we are living with extreme weather conditions.

Spin was designed to have no content
September 13, 2007

No one gets it any more. Political spin is really spin and has no real content. The media used to alert us to what spin was about (fooling the public for a day or two) but no one ever believed that spin was used for anything but to avoid embarrassment or unsuccessfully place emphasis on the best of news.

Now we have politicans who think that spin is better than content and that if their spin is reported as significant that they have had a successful event. Apec is the case in point. Nothing was achieved for the environment but everyone patted themselves on the head for agreeing that that everyone was concerned for the environment. Meanwhile the storms are getting bigger, droughts lasting longer (if ever finishing) and nothing was activated. The best that was decided was that another get together was necessary – naturally for more spin for those who need the political weight at home.

For the Australian government to also claim that the they had sold $30 billion worth of natural gas to the Chinese at Opec was farcical. Sure they sold it but as far as the evironment was concerned it would have been better left in the ground. And it wasn’t really the government who peddled it but the company that owned it.

No one has realised yet that the deteriorating environment is going to first cause economic disaster, and then social dysfunction on a grand scale.We’re not even talking about it, just hiding behind our own personal spin