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After Bali we know why Al will stand for presidential nomination
December 24, 2007

The planet needs new climate change leaders. Bali set no emission caps and no dates.  Are our leaders (and this includes Gore) dumb or do they think we’re fucking idiots?  In your own experience have you ever dealt with a benign corporation who would spend money on greening the planet? Look closely at those who do. They give to green charities (classed as such by themselves after spending several hundred thousand to get the paperwork right, and subsequently by governments) so they can claim tax cuts. These charities take the money knowing they are not to disturb the placid media, and the students at schools where they are developing alleged green curriculum. If they do they won’t get their next bunch of money. Everyone can be seen to be doing the right thing while they don’t curb emissions or do anything remotely connected with preventing the speed of climate change.

Al Gore was surprise. Leading the American team he fought against targets or dates and threatened to break apart any international agreement. He did support a totally meaningless international agreement that was toothless, impotent and should have been greeted with hysterical laughter: “Oh Jesus, we’re not going to do anything; that’s foul humour for you. ” The media generally supported the agreement as a breakthrough. They must have kept their bub’s grade logic.

And now for the encroaching weather change and Al Gore as President of the biggest emitter. He’s about to give up the planet for power. Now do we see what the human creature values most? Do we do anything about it?